Barely There

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4. The Nurse

I woke up and got dressed.I was wearing my pink lettermans jacket,short shorts,pink socks,and my converse.I put my hair up in a bun because I didnt want to do anything to it.Oh yeah,today is the day i go to the nurse Jake is going with me.I finally arrived at school Jake was already there waiting for me."Hey jake"I said happily. "hey Alley"he said.He gave me a big hug."ready for the nurse?"he asked ."yeah lets go"I said.As we headed for the nurse everyone was just staring at us.We finally arived in the nurses office."hello Alley right?" she asked me "yes"i told her.She was just staring at Jake."umm im sorry sir but you cant be in here"she told Jake.Jake looked at me an left."ok Alley let me ask you do you really have scars on your body?"she asked me."no i don't"i told her."Well Alley i'm still gonna have to check you know"she said.I was so mad out of all the girls in school it had to happen to me."I dont get it ehy i told you i dont have any scars"i told her."im sorry Alley but i have to check"she said.I could tell she was now getting annoyed."but-"i was about to say something when she cut me off."Alley you have two choices Jake can go to jail or you can show me"she said.Jail i cant have Jake go to jail."ok fine"i said.She just smiled.I lifted up my shirt to show her there were no scars."see no scars"i said pointing to my stomach."ok looks like you were right you may go now"she said."thank you"i said."so how did it go baby"Jake said."very good i showed her i had no scars and i was dismissed"i explained to him."Alley i'm so glad your back meet me in the woods at eight ok"he told me."umm ok but-"i was cut off again."just me there at eight ok"he said."umm ok"i said.



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