Barely There

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6. saved

                            Zayn's pov

I was in my room with the windows wide open because it was so hot in my room. I was about to turn the tv on when I heard something."AHH SOMEONE HELP HE"S GOT ME!!!"I heard someone scream. To me it sounded like a girl. I heard someone yell, sounded like  male voice. I went outside to see where it was coming from. That was when I seen someone running. I think someone or something was chasing after her. She was coming right towards me. "HELP HE'S RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!" She said. "Who's coming for you?" I asked confused. "Just take me inside and i'll explain everything!!!" She screamed at me. We hurried inside, she wouldn't stop staring out the window. "Can you tell me what's going on now?" I say worried. Still looking out the window she tells me," ok so my boyfriend and I were together for five years. His friend decided to make up a lie saying that I had huge scars on my back. Then today he told me to meet him in the woods and that he had a surprise for me. Well guess what the surprise was a knife." She finally decided to sit. "umm was he insane?" I asked. She gave me a death glare. "THAT ISNT FUNNY!!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!!" She yelled. "sorry" I mumbled.              

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