Barely There

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3. I Love You

I was just sitting bye the door crying my eyes out. I couldn't go to class everyone would ask why I was crying.I heard a door open it was probably a student or something.I didn't want to get snitched on so I headed to the bathroom.I was stopped.I felt something wrap around my waist.It was hands,but whose."Alley i'm sorry for lieing plzz forgive me I didn't mean to hurt you"Jake said "if you didn't mean to hurt me why did you cheat on me"I said still crying my eyes out."Alley those were just rumors"he said "how do I know your not lieing"I said."if I cheated on you would I do this"he said and gently pressed his lips on mine.We both pulled away."Alley I love you with all my heart I would never cheat on you like i said those were just rumors I need you in my life  your the only girl I love"he said "OMG i still have to go to the nurse because what you told the principal!!!"I said "I'm going with you"he said "you'll do that just for me"i said with a big smile on my face."Alley Danielle Jenson I will do anything to put a smile on your cute little face"he said.The bell rang."we missed all of our classes"i said "its ok"he said "bye i will see you tomorrow"i said "bye Alley i love you"he said "i love you to"i said

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