Sarah's Dance


2. My Dance for Sarah

I put on my beautiful dramatic red dress. Sparkles and sequins, ruffles and layers. I have people rushing me into the makeup seats and they make me look pretty. Almost as pretty as Sarah. I'm then rushed onto the stage behind the curtain, my performance is next. I hear applause as my name is called from the announcer. He says a few words about the piece I'm doing and the curtains open around me. There are mirrors everywhere, being my prop for this dance. It's my special solo performance, being my last year at this studio. I got to choreograph it myself. It's a dramatic scene where a girl is fighting over her emotions. She's torn between her love for two men. In the end choosing neither, and not being able to live with herself runs away. I know, it's sad. But the dance kinda just came to me. And it reminded me of my sister, the mirrors reflecting the other sides of me, my emotions and physically. But now when I look into a mirror, like really take a good look and think about it, my memories go back to the bathroom. The night Sarah died, how I look just like her now. I kept my promise to her, and continued dancing. My parents considered taking me to therapy because me and my sister were so close and the pressure of her death on me might be too much. I actually ended up not going, dance was the only therapy I needed. It set my mind free and after Sarah left me, I danced for her. I danced with more passion and emotion than before, determined to be as good as her. But even now, once in a while I have a breakdown.

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