Sarah's Dance


4. If It's not Okay, It's not the End

But after prom, he went out with some of his guys and got into a car with a bunch of drunks. The car crash was all over the news, five guys died. But too me it felt like the whole world had torn me apart and destroyed everything that I cared about. This time dancing wasn't enough, so I went to therapy. I had to call Julliard that I had family problems and that I would be joining next semester. I got better, but danced more and ate less. Not because of depression, simply because I was not hungry. I was still healthy and happy though. I had to think of a project to do, to graduate from college. I decided to start a fundraiser. I called it Sarah's Dance and I tried to raise money for kids who had dreams like mine when I was little. I wanted to spread the knowledge of dance. After four years I graduated Julliard and became a dance teacher. But not your normal teacher. I traveled the world spreading dance. I asked for grants and continued with my fundraiser. And I will always hold Sarah in my heart, knowing she's smiling down on me. I kept her promise, I kept dancing and I still will. At least once more, as long as I can before age catches up to me. Because although I may not know what to do now, I know one day another girl or boy is going to be inspired by the passion of dance and continue in my footsteps. In the end everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

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