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My Entry For The #KeepingItReal competition, Check it out?


1. #KeepingItReal

I have dreams, some are small and some are big, however there is one dream that I'm very very passionate about... That dream is.. singing.

I'm so passionate about singing, ever since I was nine I've always wanted to sing, every night, I'd put in a little practice but I didn't have the best voice in the world, which as I am 20 is a little bit unfortunate to say the least, however I wasn't ready to give up on my dreams and I felt as if I needed to start to think about if I could live this big dream or if it was too late.

I tried everything to get my voice as good as I could, I even tried looking around for lessons and classes to help with my voice, I needed to improve before it's too late.

I eventually found a class that helps with getting the notes right and the harmony just perfect, but I knew this wasn't going to be an easy task, I needed to concentrate so hard and really work on my voice.

I learned how to hit the High and Low notes and I learned to use the right harmony so everything would be right and not sound all messed up.

After a while, the singing teacher noticed I was getting better and started giving me new lessons and tutorials to choose from and she helped me get through them, I struggled at first, however as I grew with them, I learned them and I got used to them and perfected them.

I feel as if I was now ready to start my path to achieve my dream, the first step was to figure out where I was going to start and how I was going to do it.

I realised that the xfactor were looking for auditionee's and so I applied for an audition and I received an email about a week later saying, "Please attend the Xfactor audition's on the above date, We look forward to seeing you."

I was so excited because I realised this was my big chance and I knew that if I messed up, I knew it would be over.

So I went along to the audition and sang my heart out and they said, "You've made it through to the next audition, please take this ticket to the girls outside and we'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

I was so excited, I knew this was a step towards my dream and, I didn't want my nerves to get the best of me so I asked my friend for advice... She said; "Just Close Your Eyes And Breathe Deeply, That Always Helps Me Before I Go On Stage."

I went back the next day and I was nervous but I remembered what my friend said and I kept it real and kept it cool, I knew if I messed up this would be over.

I knew that I had to keep it real and not lose myself in the moment, I tried my hardest but I knew that I'd mess it up if i overthought about it, I just sang outside waiting to go in to audition.

I was sat waiting in anticipation, thinking "What if this goes wrong?" But then I thought to myself "What if this actually goes right?"

It was my turn to audition and I sang Hall Of Fame, I knew this song so well and with my new voice I could sing it so well.

When I finished they looked happy and they said these words "Your voice is a bit off, however we want to give you the chance because from what you've told us, we know what this means to you and we want to help you achieve this big dream.

I was so surprised but so happy, I knew now that this was my time but I knew that I had to remember three words and never ever forget them....

Those words were Keep It Real.
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