When death becomes love

Sisters Elise and Charlotte (Charlie) are stranded on an island. When they meet Mason, a young boy, things slowly start to change. Charlie all of a sudden feels a tingly sensation in her stomach when she is near him, and she starts to wonder if maybe she likes him more than a friend. But Mason has a secret, a secret so big and powerful, that he isn't sure if he has any chance with the beautiful Charlie Johnson.


7. Chapter 5

 I stared out on to the oceany waters and cried.

"Hey, are you okay?" Elise asked.

"no." I replied flatly. "I'm not okay." I turned to look at her. "and it's all you fault!" I cried. "You had to get on the boat when you know I wanted to stay with Mason! you were selfish and-"

"I know."


"You're right. I was being selfish."

"I loved him." I mumbled under my breath. I suddenly felt mad. Not at my sister, at everything. "I LOVED HIM!!!!!" Elise smiled. I calmed down. "Elise, we need to get off this boat."

 Elise hesitated but nodded. "I suppose. But how?" In reply, I looked over the edge of the boat.

"It's the only way." Elise grabbed my hand and stepped up onto the first bar. I reluctantly followed. We each had one hand on top of the railing and one hand in each other's. When we got to the top, Elise first swung her leg over the edge and waited for me. I did and we were on the other side of the bars. The water from 10 feet below splashed up onto my sneakers. The wind almost blew me into the oceany depths but i had a frim grip on the railing. Elise and I slowly inched down unil we were just above 6 feet from the bottom.

"On three, we jump." I instructed. Elise nodded.

"One," Elise screamed over the powerful water below.

"two," I yelled. All of a sudden the grip on my hand loosened and the ear splitting sound of Elise's scream burst through the air. I looked down and could see my sisters head bobbing up and down in the water. She went under and I starred in worry. When she hadnt come up for minute or so, I plunged into the water. My eyes popped open and the salt was unbearable but i forced them to stay open. At least till I found Elise. I searched and searched but my sister was nowhere to be seen.Thats when i saw it. falling deeper and deeper down. Elise. I took one final breath and dove down to where my sister was. When I reached her side, I felt as if i were gonna die.I wrapped my arms around her waist and forced myself to the surface. After a while of struggling, everything went all blurry and i began to weaken. Thats when a hand grabbed me and pulled me up. I opened my eyes and saw mason holding onto me.

"Hi." I managed.

"shhhhh we need to get you back." With all my might and Mason's, we swam to shore, Elise still in my arms. I lie her down on the sand and whirled around to face mason.

"Thank you for savign me." I said.

"It wasn't that big of a deal."

"Yes it was." I replied stirnly. "If you hadn't come, I would be dead right now and so would Elise.

"Just for the record she could be dead right now.

I turned sadly to my sister. I saw her chest rising slowly but the breaths were coming in sharp rasps.

"oh Elise. Don't leave me." I whispered.

"She loved you more than anthing." Mason's voice sounded close to my ear. I turned my head to see Mason standing right behind me. I turned and began to walk towards the forest but Mason grabbed my hand a spun me around. He placed his hands on my waist, his face only an inch away from mine.

"I dont care that your a werewolf. I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too." He replied. I'm not sure who leaned in first but before I knew it, his soft lips were pressed against mine. We held that position for a moment or so until a voice behind me broke us apart.

"You're too young to be kissing boys." It teased. I looked to see that Elise had sat up and was smiling at me.

"Elise, you can't make that decision but I'm glad your back."

"I'm glad i'm back too." Elise replied. I turned around to face mason again and kissed him again. This time, it lasted longer and my chest was pressed against his. My hands flew around his neck and I realied then, that this was what i wanted. Mason and i, pressed against each other. Then I realized that I would soon become a werewolf as well, or worse... die.

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