When death becomes love

Sisters Elise and Charlotte (Charlie) are stranded on an island. When they meet Mason, a young boy, things slowly start to change. Charlie all of a sudden feels a tingly sensation in her stomach when she is near him, and she starts to wonder if maybe she likes him more than a friend. But Mason has a secret, a secret so big and powerful, that he isn't sure if he has any chance with the beautiful Charlie Johnson.


6. Chapter 4 continued...

He was bent over in a funny way and he moved so swiftly is was as though he was floating. When he reached my sister, he bent over her and there was a wierd sucky sound. Then he just left. It was quiet for a while. The only sounds were of me breathing. After about 25 minutes, Elise moved. All she did was bend her finger but I knew she wasn't dead. I felt myself move forward. She moved again. This time her whole leg. I held my breath. Elise opened her eyes.

"Charlie I think Mason is a werewolf." were the first words that came out of her mouth.

"Really, that's the first thing you say?" I asked.

"No but seriously, I think he is."

"I refuse to think that way." I huffed. Just then, a boy came out of the forest. He had blood and cuts all over him. It was Mason but there was something different about him. His ears were longer. Pointy. Like a wolf. His hands were hairier. Like a wolf. And right then and there, I realized that my sister was right.

"MASON?!?!?!?!?!" I screamed. Mason growled but slowly turned back into human.

"Hey" he said quietly. "Look, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you but I just couldn't. If normal people hang out with wherewolves... Um, they could-"

"They could what?!" Elise snapped.

"become one. Or die." Mason frowned.

"BYE!!!! I DO NO WANT TO BE A WHEREWOLF! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" Elise screamed. A tear escaoed Mason's eye but he turned and began to hobble into the forest.

"Wait!" I called after him. Mason skidded to a stop and turned to face me. He was smiling like he was just waiting for me to stop him from leaving. "I'm not saying I want to turn in to a wherewolf, I just want you to hang out with me for a bit as a goodbye. Mason's smiled faded, but he nodded.

"OK." he said and walked over to me. I noticed he wasn't looking at me, he was looking past me, at the ocean. His mouth was hanging slightly open but it was his eyes that caught my atention. Instead of their normal beautiful colour, they were red and as big as tenis balls. I spun around and saw nothing unusual. A hand grabbed my shoulder. I flinched. Then it turned me a little so I was facing a little more left. Then I saw it. It was a boat. Full of people. It was still a full moon so Mason, when I tuned around was a wherewolf again. He ran away but I grabbed his arm.

"wait." I said, "I wanna come with you."

"That boat is your only way home." Mason said a little impatiantly as the boat drew nearer.

"I don't care." I said.

"Come on!" Elise called as the boat docked. She was already on the boat. I tried to call after her but she was too far away.

"I'll be right back." I said. I ran onto the boat and began searching for my sister. Quickly, I looked out the side to see that Mason had left the beach but I could see him hiding in the entrance to the forest. I looked in the restaraunt, the library, the pool deck, and the front entrance but Elise was no where to be found. "Elise!"  I called. A short old woman walked over to me.

"Yes?" she sked in a scratchy voice.

"Sorry," I said "I was looking for someone else." she frowned, but walked back over to her friends. That's when I saw a teenager with bleach blonde hair and a light blue sun dress. I ran over to her and pulled her away from the boy she was talking to. She turned around and I saw the familiar face of Elise. My sister not the old woman.

"What was that for?" she asked in a surprisingly calm voice.

"We have to get off the boat. I haven't said goodbye to mason and I want to stay with him." I replied. She shook her head, but ran after me to the entrance.

"Fine, but only bcuz you love him." she teased. I  slapped her arm.

"I don't love him! He's my friend." As I said that, I felt myself moving. A horrible thought came into my head, and I ran to the side of the boat. The island was moving farther away from us as we headed back to our home.

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