When death becomes love

Sisters Elise and Charlotte (Charlie) are stranded on an island. When they meet Mason, a young boy, things slowly start to change. Charlie all of a sudden feels a tingly sensation in her stomach when she is near him, and she starts to wonder if maybe she likes him more than a friend. But Mason has a secret, a secret so big and powerful, that he isn't sure if he has any chance with the beautiful Charlie Johnson.


3. Chapter 3

The dark side of the forest, was definetly a good name for what I had just entered. The trees were bare instead of green and leafy. The only animals there were rats and wolves, and the colours were just black and well, dark. I walked for like half an hour, finding nothing but then I heard voices. Human voices. At least 5.

"There are others." said one of them. It was a male voice, the person sounded young. I peeked out from the tree I was hiding behind and noticed that it was the same boy that was staring at me earlier.

"How many?" said a man wearing a tunic. He was very tall, and scared me a little bit.

"I think 2." replied the boy.

"What do they look like?" said tunic man.

"Well one was smaller. She looked around 15, like me. The other one was tall, but not as tall as you. The older one had long blonde hair and pale skin-"

"Was she pretty?" cut in tunic man.

"No, not to me." the boy said. "Anyway, the younger one had brown hair. It was about an inch under her shoulder. Her eyes were hazel and her skin was olive. Her fingers were long and she was sort of skinny. She was wearing a polka-dotted tanktop and jean shorts. She had a sun hat on and her shoes were sporty sneakers."

"Why do you know so much about the younger one, and nothing about the older one?" another man said.

"Well the older one didn't appeal to me but the younger one was beautiful."

he thinks I'm beautiful, and Elise isn't even PRETTY!  I couln't believe the words I was hearing. "Awesome!" I whisper shouted.That's when tunic man turned in my direction, and began walking towards me.

"INTRUDER!" He called. I was frozen. I couldn't move in any direction. I kicked my feet and forced myself into a jog. I turned my head and was terrfied to see that tunic man had gotten a mob of people holding torches to chase me. They were no more than one meter behind me. I saw a quick glance at all the people chasing me. Most of them were men, all of them were tall and very strong. Each and every one of them could easily break every single bone in my body in one crack. Then I saw one person that didn't fit in with the crowd. He was shorter than the rest, and he was weaker than the rest. It was the boy. The boy that said I was beautiful. He was chasing after me with a flaming torch. I ran even harder. When I thought I had finally lost them, I stopped running. I was so out of breath that I collapsed. But when I fell, I didn't hit the ground. I landed in someone's arms. I just laid in the person's arms for a minute but then I turned my head and saw the boy. He was smiling. His torch was on the ground over by a tree, and the fire had burned out of it. Without thinking, I lifted my bodyfrom the boy's graso but fell down again, this time forwards. I lifted my head out of the dirt, and saw that the boy had fallen asleep beside me. I must have been on the ground for a while and he refused to leave my side. I went back to sleep, until I was shaken awake. The boy was hovering over me.

"I don't think we've properly met." He said. "I'm Mason and you-" he started. I lifted my hand and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground in pain. I ran away in hopes to find Elise. When I reached the barrier, it wouldn't open. I tried doing everything I did before to make it invisible but no luck. I sat down by a tree and put my head in my knees. I let all my emotions out. I was sad that Mason, the boy who thought I was beautiful, tried to kill me with fire. I felt sort of guilty that I punched someone, even if they were an evil little beast, and I was desperate to find Elise. I just sat there crying for a while.

"What are you doing?" said a familiar voice. I looked up and was relieved to see Elise standing beside me.

"How did you get across the barrier?" I asked.

"What barrier? Anyway, what happened to you?" she handed me a mirror. I tried to wipe away the red away from my eyes but it just made them look really puffy.

"I found the guy." I said. "he said I was beautiful." I must have looked like I was day dreaming because Elise smiled at me.

"Does someone have a cwushy wushy?" she said, pinching my cheeks.

"Ya, maybe someone but not me." I said a little too loudly.

"Woah, you don't want him to hear that." Elise said, shushing me.

"He tried to kill me." I whispered and put my head back on my knees. I felt the tears start coming.

"Awww don't be sad."Elise said in a tone that was sort of sarcastic sympathy. "No boy who actually thinks you beautiful would try to kill you." I couln't help but smile.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically.

"Oh your welcome." Elise said, and I could tell she was serious. I laughed.

"Hey wanna know something?" I whispered. Elise nodded. I checked to see if anyone was around. "I punched him!" I said. I realized after I said it that I was shouting. Elise gave me her hand. I high-fived it but then grabbed it and she pulled me up.

"Oh by the way, there is no barrier. It was all an illusion. I put it there so you wouldn't get across but you were too smart for me." Elise and I turned around to see Mason standing behind us, smiling. There was a big red mark on his left cheek.

"Nice punch." Elise whispered over to me.

"Sorry," I said to Mason.

"It's OK, but why did you do it?" he asked.

"Well, you said I was beautiful, then you tried to kill me." I answered.

"I wasn't trying to kill you, I was trying to find you so I could save you from the mob. My dad -he was the one with tunic- anyway, he shoved a torch in my hand, and said 'go kill her'." He explained.

"Oh," I said guiltily "I'm really sorry. I should have thought. Also you stayed with me, I shouldn't have punched you. I shouldn't have doubted you. You're a good guy, I'm sorry." Mason ran up to me and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Why don't we start over." he suggested. I nodded.

"Well, I'm Charlotte but you can call me Charlie, everybody does, and this is my sister Elise." I said.

"Hi Charlie, Hi Elise." he said cheerfully. "I'm Mason." we shook hands and he shook hands with Elise. We walked back to the good side of the forest and I showed Mason around my little area that Elise and I hang out most of the time. Mason didn't talk once.

"Thanks for the tour." He said nervously. The sky had darkened and the stars started to come out. Mason mumbled something that sounded like 'I forgot to take my potion. I can't believe I forgot.'

"Thanks again, but I have to go." He said.

"Don't you want to stay?" Elise and I asked.

"Sorry, maybe another night." and with that he walked off into the night. I heard a howl not to far off and noticed there was a full moon.

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