When death becomes love

Sisters Elise and Charlotte (Charlie) are stranded on an island. When they meet Mason, a young boy, things slowly start to change. Charlie all of a sudden feels a tingly sensation in her stomach when she is near him, and she starts to wonder if maybe she likes him more than a friend. But Mason has a secret, a secret so big and powerful, that he isn't sure if he has any chance with the beautiful Charlie Johnson.


2. Chapter 2

After I said that, Elise stopped dead in her her tracks.

"someone's watching us." she whispered so quietly, I almost didn't hear her. I realized she was right. I felt that strange feeling like someone was looking at me, only when I turned around did I realize that this person was staring. He was staring at me so hard, I thought he was casting a spell or something. It looked like I was all he saw, and the world around me was a blur. All of a sudden, there was a low howlig in the distance and the boy hobbled away.

"That was freaky." Elise said, barely daring ot speak. I nodded but I knew she didn't se me. I slowly started walking in the same direction as the boy, but Elise grabbed my arm, before I could go very far. "Where do you think your going?" she asked rudely. I didn't answer. "Exuse me, where do you think your going?" she asked again. I didn't answer. I grabbed each of her fingers and pulled them off my arm. Then I walked away, not daring to look back to see if Elise was following me. I walked for a long time. Passing leafy trees, blooming flowers, and many beautiful and cheerful plants and animals. After about two hours of passing the colourful things in the forest, I reached something that made me want to go back to where I started and sleep beside Elise, where I know I'm safe. There was some sort of barrier. When I tried to cross, I would fling back. No matter what I tried, I always got shocked and fell into the grass. I was starting to get scared. The wind seemed to talk to me. Leave! Find a safe place! You have come to the dark side of the forest. You will surely die! I wanted to listen to the wind, but decided against it. I needed to find that boy.

"I'm not leaving." I said confidently. Just then, something happened. I'm still not really sure what, but something happened and I walked right through the barrier like it was never there.


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