When death becomes love

Sisters Elise and Charlotte (Charlie) are stranded on an island. When they meet Mason, a young boy, things slowly start to change. Charlie all of a sudden feels a tingly sensation in her stomach when she is near him, and she starts to wonder if maybe she likes him more than a friend. But Mason has a secret, a secret so big and powerful, that he isn't sure if he has any chance with the beautiful Charlie Johnson.


1. Chapter 1

                                                *Charlotte's POV*


The day we got stranded on the island, Elise and I thought for sure we would die. We had no food, no clean water, and no one but each other. That was the only thing keeping me alive. Elise. She am 17 and I am 15. We never really hung out or got along very well, until we were the only reason we weren't dead.

"Hey, Charlie want some salad?" Elise asked.

"Really you made salad?" I asked while combing my hair with my long fingers.

"Not really, I just gathered leaves and squeezed some fish guts onto it." she replied.

"I think I'll pas but I would like some of the fish." I said walking over to my sister. I quickly grabbed some sticks and started rubbing them together. After a while, they started to spark until eventually, I had started a fire. It wasn't a big fire but it was big enough to cook the small fish that Elise caught.

A half an hour later, after we finished our brunch, Elise suddenly grabbed a sharpened stick.

"What is that for?" I asked in shock.

"I think it's time we hunt in the forest." she replied. "We've been feeding off of fish for 10 months now! I want to catch a deer and eat that for dinner one night!"

"Ya, and then we could have a feast!" I said, but then snapped back to reality. "I should come with you."

"No way little sis. Too dangerous." Elise said with her haha I get to do something you can't look.

"Your only 2 years older than me, and we are stranded on an island! Everything we do is dangerous." I snapped.

"Fine, but your unarmed." Elise pulled out another sharpened stick and handed it to me. "I made it in case mine breaks, but you need it now." I grabbed the stick from her perfect hands, and threw it to the side.

"No, I don't need that little thing." I said. I pulled out my weapon. A bow and arrow I carved myself. Elise stared at it in awe, but quickly ran to where I threw her spear, and put it in her backpack. The backpacks we had were made of leaves and bendy sticks. We had to make them so we could keep our food dry during rain storms. They took about two weeks to make, but when we finally finished, they were the best things we ever made, and they worked pretty well too.

"When did you make that?" Elise asked. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the light of the day, and her baby blue eyes sparkled like always. Elise was the most mezmerising girl in the world. Her long blonde hair went just below her elbows, and she looked like a ghost. A beautiful ghost. We really didn't look like sisters. When people saw us standing beside each other, they would ask if we are friends or something. When we say that we are sisters, they give us a look and walk away. My brown hair was about an inch under my shoulders, and my hazel eyes just looked like whole grain bread. Boring. That was the most suitable description of my look. My parents always said I was pretty, but I could tell they were lying.

"One night when you were sleeping, I was planning to go hunt and surprise you with a rabbit or something," Elise smiled "but then it started pouring rain so I was forced to stay under the tarp." I explained. Elise nodded, and took off down the winded trail in the forest. I chased after her and we slowly and quietly walked, ready for when an animal dared show itself. After a while of walking and not a lot of shooting. Not any shooting actually, a thought came across my mind and the thought was so unbelivable, I almost didn't believe it myself. "Someone else lives here." I mumbled.

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