I Found You

When Shayla gets chosen to play in the 'I Found You' video with The Wanted, what will the kiss between her and Nathan will change?


6. Siva's Idea

Shayla's P.O.V

We were all getting board so we stayed in silence watching the T.V. Siva seems like he had a click in his head.

"I have an idea" Siva exclaimed.
"What?" we all asked.
"Go get dress" he said.

We all got dressed and came back down where an excited Siva was waiting. He looked like he had a problem.

"Are you O.K?" i asked.
"Come on" he said.

He had his camera with him. What the hell? We pilled in the car, this time i wasn't on Nathan's lap. We were only pilled like a sandwich, i promise, it isn't confortable at all. We arrived to the 'I Found You' set.

"Siva, why did you bring us here?" Tom asked.
"Didn't you tell that our fans wanted pictures?" he asked to Tom.
"Well yeah..." Tom answerd.
"Come on" we all runned behind him.

We took many pictures, i escaped without them noticing. I came back to where i sang, and where he sang with me. I just didn't know who it was! And trust me it is not cool to not know! I started singing 'Stay' from Miley Cyrus. With a tear escaping from my eye. I wondered, who could feel like i do. I just feel horrible, i love him but... i'm so scared to tell him. A voice came in joining to mine, it was the same. I turned around and saw... Was it really him!? He's the one who sang with me!

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