I Found You

When Shayla gets chosen to play in the 'I Found You' video with The Wanted, what will the kiss between her and Nathan will change?


4. Morning

Shayla's P.O.V

So i didn't have my PJ's. I had to, again, wear Nathan's pants. Ecxept this time, it wasn't jeans. I slipped into bed and Nathan layed on the floor.

"Nathan, what the hell are you doing?" i asked.
"Sleeping" he answerd.
"You know you can sleep in the bed?" i said laughing.
"Should have told that before!" he said laughing.

He slipped by my side and we immediatly fell asleep.

I woke up while Nathan was still sleeping. I took my phone and ran down stairs, Tom and Siva were awake.

"Hey dudes" i said.
"Hey" they said.
"Wanna come photograph with us" Tom said.
"Sure, but what?" i asked.
"The guys asleep, duhh!" he said
"Hahaha, ok!" i said.

We started with Max. I did weird faces beside him. He woke up groaning.

"Not the photographers!" he sighed.

He got out of bed and we headed into Jay's room, the grumpy morning one. We jumped on his bed while filming everything. He was so not happy. He was worst than mad.  He finally woke up and we headed to Nathan's room. I sat on his stomach making a peace sign while they took the picture. He groaned badly.


Sorry short but still a chapter :S

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