I Found You

When Shayla gets chosen to play in the 'I Found You' video with The Wanted, what will the kiss between her and Nathan will change?


1. Making Of

Shayla's P.O.V

So yes i was chosen to play in The Wanted, i was on set getting dressed and getting make up on when the director came in.

"Hi Shayla" he said.
"Hey Chris" i said happily.
"So, little changing plans" he said.
"Yes?" i asked.
"So, you will have to kiss Nathan" he said.

Butterflies ran through my stomach, i maybe don't know him that much, but kissing someone you don't actually know, makes you kind of nervous. I accepted politely, i didn't want to be harsh. So we started turning the video, through the breaks, i got to know them better. They we're all really nice and funny! Then came the scene, the kiss... NERVOUS AS HELL! I heard the banging from the guys when they fake beat the others, mor nervous i was, i started moving a lot. When he finaly came. You could tell he was kind of nervous. At least, i wasn't the only one. He said his last song lyrics and softly kissed me. He took the key as planed and left. I think i was actually falling for the Nathan Sykes. Yes, the english big star. I took the tape from my anckles and my hands. That dress i was actually wearing was pretty cute, i think i'm gonna ask to keep it.

Sorry for the short chapter and spelling :S

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