I Found You

When Shayla gets chosen to play in the 'I Found You' video with The Wanted, what will the kiss between her and Nathan will change?


5. I'm not A Patato Bag!

Shayla's P.O.V

After he groaned i didn't move from sitting on his stomach.

"Move Shayla" he said sleepy.
"No" i said as the boys laughed.
"Don't make me move you" he said.
"Like you could" i added.
"Last chance" he shouted.
"Hein Hein" i said.

He picked me up and pulled me over his shoulder like a patato bag.

"I'm not a patato bag you know?" i asked.
"I know, you just didn't want to move" he added.
"PUT ME DOWN!" i scream laughing.
"Let us take a picture before!" Siva shouted.
"No" i said.

They took it as i made a goofy/weird smile.

I know it's short, i'll update again today :)

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