I Found You

When Shayla gets chosen to play in the 'I Found You' video with The Wanted, what will the kiss between her and Nathan will change?


3. Festival :)

Shayla's P.O.V

I woke up with all the great memories from yesterday, we had so much fun! Someone was calling me at the instant.

"Hello?" i asked.
"Hey Shayla" Nathan shouted.
"Oh hey Nathan, what's up?" i asked.
"We are going to a festival today, wanna come?" he asked.
"Yeah sure" i said excited.
"Pick you up in an hour?" he asked.
"Sure, see you" i said.
"Bye love" he said before hanging up.

Oh my gosh! He called me 'Love'!!! I prepared my self by dressing simply as always.  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=61994059&.locale=fr . I curled my hair and put light make up. The door bell rang, i opened to see the boys, hands in their pockets and an annoyed Jay.

"Everything alright Jay?"i asked.
"Yeah, it's just that it's not late at all!" he shouted.
"Dude, it's 11!" Tom added.
"Exactly" he affirmed.
"Let's go" i said giggling.

In the car they were only five places, i had to sit on Nathan. It wasn't awkward at all, we actually laughed a lot while Siva and Tom played the photographers, and posting all the pictures on Twitter, why Twitter where everybody can see me! Oh well, i still saved them in my iPhone, no need to miss those memories! We arrived, Max payed all of our tickets, well our bracelets... We did a bunch of roaller coasters. Funnily, i was always paired up with Nathan. Well i didn't want the opposite, why the hell would i do that! We smashed Jay's face in a pie to wake him up. I think he was going to kill us. On the way back home, 'Glad You Came' came on. I was again on Nathan's lap, then the boys started singing as the sont kept playing. Their voice were so awesome. They finished their song.

"Your voices are amazing" i exclaimed.
"Thanks, yours to" Nathan added.

I blushed and looked at my feet. They could almost be my best friends! Cause honnestly, i'm really shy so this isn't the first time i admire them! Nathan blushed as well, so photographers Kaneswaran and Parker had to come in the game! They posted the pictures, again, on Twitter. One day i'll get them back!  I was kind of asleep on Nathan. Oops! I didn't want to wake up, i was just so comfortable. He kissed my cheek, then my phone vibrated. I woke up and took my phone out of my pockets. Not the photographers again. It was Nathan kissing my cheek, he blushed while looking over my shoulder to see the picture.

"Hey, Tom and Siva, have you guys ever thought of being photographers?" i asked giggling.
"Yes" they both answerd laughing.

I laughed and was about to get out but Nathan took my wrist and pull me back against him.

"You should spend the night over at our place" he whispered in my ear.
"Sure" i whispered back.
"Guys, Shayla's spending the night over" he affirmed.
"Ohhhhouhouhouh" they all shouted.
"Oh just shut up!" we both said.
"Looks like BabyNath found his true love" Jay said.
"And now you show up" i said laughing.

We arrived at their house, i was sleeping with Nathan tonight. I jumped around like an idiot in my mind, not in real life, of course!

Sorry for the short chapter, a longer next time
#SpongeBob :)

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