Difficult Decisions

Can someone run away from their problems and start from scratch?
Can a person leave such a mark in the heart of another?
A love can be so strong to withstand any obstacle?


2. It's London Baby


When I first arrived at my house, Mena said goodbye and went to fix my things. Here, in this place begin my new life. I imagine the faces of my "old friends" in Milan, tell the school that I would not come back., That I was gone; I imagine the face of Simon, my ex-boyfriend that I left just before leaving, Professor of , the janitors, while reading the reasons for my departure: I'm sorry but I need a break, you know, are a "little girl, bitch, shit." I rummaged in my purse and found a pack of cigarettes, I was trying to quit but at that moment, nothing mattered a lot, so I access one, shortly after I threw it, I did suck. I went to bed early, I did not even try to turn on the computer, I do not know that I could find by opening facebook messages ... "Noo! Among why?" "You did good bitch" "you're a bitch, why do not you tell me? "Nothing would make me change my mind, however, my life was over in Milan, started my new life. The next day, I went to see my new school, it was very nice, but mostly it was closer to home. It was really big, and then there were a lot of guys, the headmaster was surprised my English, I was not so bad after all to be foreign, because of continuous holidays abroad now chew the more languages unless all. My heart stopped when I saw a piece of paper hanging on the door of science, said:-auditions for "XFACTOR UK" on 16 and 17 from 14.00 to 18.00. My dream, in Italy, had always been to be able to sing in pubblicoe hear the applause and shouts, all this just for me. I approached from behind Mena, I turned suddenly and said goodbye
I: Menaaa! But you did not mica algebra in this hour?
Mena: Yes, but I absolutely need to talk to you ..!
I: Tell me beautiful
Mena: So, I know that you really like the One direction, and you know that I love them more than anything else right? I: Yes. Because?
Mena: I .. Tickets for the concert tomorrow night: D
Me: OMG Mena tell me that is not a joke please!
Mena: No love, it's true! We had to go to my cousin and her friend but they can not, they are in a school trip!
Me: * _ * WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I see the One direction!
Me: Baby, now back in the classroom, however, before the prof tomorrow preclude me as "that which is to be late for the students" will begin here too (:
Mena: Okay love, today we have lunch together while you're here, I end up in half an hour, this is a bit 'of people, what do you say? I: Okay baby, see you later! , D exit from school I saw Mena arrive with a group of boys and two girls, saw me and came to my hand, hug me and ..


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