Difficult Decisions

Can someone run away from their problems and start from scratch?
Can a person leave such a mark in the heart of another?
A love can be so strong to withstand any obstacle?


1. Everything Has a Beginning

So, it all started the day that I realized that people around me were all false.
I have so many friends and people, however, were only empty and I did not care anything .. there was always a second thought, why do I say this?
Because it is a few months after my big mistake, that my "friends" talk behind me and look at me in a strange way, the confirmation of what I said? I got it a few days ago, a girl I was beaten up and nobody tried to help me. I went to the hospital and some girl seemed fregasse anyone.
I'm not a person who cries easily, but that day I did.
I seemed invisible, suddenly there was no one for me, I was alone, my best friend gave me the bitch and the stupid and the other "friends" gave her reason and filled me with insults.
Just got home, I dropped a tear, the first for a very long time, I turned on the ipod, immediately started "Moments" by One direction and began to cry bitterly, and then I ran a smile.
My idols are the only ones that always make me smile, even in the worst moments.
I live in Milan, but I have a house in England, my love it, and so do I, I'm almost 16 years old and my mother when I want us to go during the holidays, I have some 'friends there, even if my is not a perfect English understand me. I decided to go there for a while 'without telling anyone, only my mother, call my dad and my brother, just them. None of my so called "friends" deserved so much satisfaction.
In fact, I took the first plane back to London and left.
Arrived at the airport I found Mena, a friend of mine there, and courses in against a big hug, finally a person I could trust, I know Mena for many years, our parents are friends and she is Italian but lives in London and when I can take a plane, and I'm a bit 'with her.
When I first arrived at my house ..

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