Where have you been?

Bella and her best friend Emma live in Stratford Ontario, Canada. They used to be good friends with Justin Bieber until he left to get a record deal. They were all 13 when he left and he didnt come back. They are 17 now and will Justin forget about them when he comes back?


2. Don't leave me.

Bella's P.O.V

"So I hear that Justin is coming back tommorow." Mom said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Well Patty texted me."

"Oh right." I said.

I ran upstairs and went in my room. I checked my phone.

5 missed calls from Emma

3 text messages from Emma

I called Emma.

"Hey Emma." I said.

"Hi." She said.

"Whats up?" I asked.

"I am moving to Malibu."

"WHAT. YOU CAN'T GO." I screamed.

"Well I have to. I tryed to talk my mum out of it but I have to go." Emma explained.

"When are you going?" I asked.

"Monday." Emma said.

"That's not long. Thats in two days." I said. "

"I know. Well I have to pack. But we will hang later." Emma said befor hanging up.

I ran downstairs.

"Where's Ari?" I asked.

"She has gone to Bianca's for tonight and tommorow night." Mom said.

"Why tommorow night?" I asked.

"Because we have guests over and she will overreact."

"Please don't say his name!!!" I mumbled

"Justin and Patty are having dinner with us." Mom blurted out.


"Um. Ok." I said.

I rushed back up the stairs and called Emma.

"Hi Bella."

"Hi. Tommorow night Justin and Patty are coming for dinner tommorow night." I said.

"OMG. Lucky you." Emma said.

"No. Its not lucky me. He probably won't remember me. Plus it will be awkward." I said.

"Bella your 17. You can work your way through things." Emma said.

"You know your right. Thanks Em. I will miss your advice." I said.

"I will miss you asking me for advice." Emma said.

"We will skype right." I said.

"Yeah. Also we will text and email." Emma said.

"Well I will see you later today." I said.


I hung up and stayed in my room. I looked out of my window and I saw the gloomy Stratford. I went downstairs and took a walk outside.


Emma's P.O.V

When I finished packing and I thought I would take a walk. I walked around the corner and saw a huge crowd of people. I walked over and saw..........

"JUSTIN." I yelled.

"Oh hey Em." Justin said trying to walk over to me.

"Can I have your autograph?" A little girl asked.

"Sure. Whats your name?" Justin asked.

"Sarah." Said the little girl.

Justin smiled and signed her book.

"So. How are you?" Justin asked.

"Good. WELCOME HOME." I said.

"Haha thanks." 

"You remember me?" I asked.

"Yeah. I have a photo of you me, Bella and Chaz." Justin said.

"Oh." I said.

"I heard that Chaz broke up with you." Justin said.

"Yeah but now I go out with a guy called Liam. Chaz has gone on holiday to California. He has been gone for one month now but he is comming back next month." I said.

"Oh. So how is Bella?" Justin asked.

"She's alright. You will be able to have her to yourself soon." I said.

"What do you mean?" Justin asked.

"I am moving to Malibu on Monday." I said.

"Aw. Well I am happy we got to see eachother before you left. It would be a bit sad if you left without saying goodbye." Justin said.

"Yeahhh." I said.

"Well I better get back home." Justin said.

I nodded and we both walked away.

"Mom you will never guess who I just bumped into." I said.

"Who?" She asked.

"JUSTIN BIEBER." I yelled.

"Really. Did he remember you?" Mom asked.

"Yeah. He also remembers Bella." I said.

"Well Bella will be happy." Mom said.

I walked up the stairs and looked out my window and saw Bella.

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