The Girl In The Shadows

A family of four moves from the big city to an old suburban home. The two children start to see shadows in corners and hear noises coming from the old celler. Read the story to see what is to come next.


2. Haddonfield 1963

It all started on this very night, Halloween night.9 year old micheal myers was dressed up as a clown ready to go trick or treating. Whe he was ready to leave his sister judith lied to him she said she would take him trick or treating. Instead she made out with her boyfriend on the couch only to go upstairs and do the unexplicable. Micheal in fury ran to the kitchen grabed a knife and waited for judith's boyfriend to leave. After he left she quickly took a shower and stayed undressed brushing her hair in her room. In that moment micheal bargged through the room and ran to his sister. In great fear Judith screamed and tried to get up,but it was too late he raised the knife and continuously stabbed her in the back untill she dropped dead. He ran outside only to find his parents starring in awe. After that they took little micheal to the mental hospital only there the only human left in him died out he was now pure EVIL.

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