In my Dreams

After returning from university, Kate began to think that her future wasn't going to be as exciting as she once dreamed. Not even a job at a London based PR company seemed to be offering much hope. However things change when she finds herself working as personal assistant of a very famous British actor. Life takes an interesting turn for a short while before things start to get complicated...


2. Chapter 2

Now when I say ‘Junior P.A. to the stars’, I wouldn’t be lying...depending on your definition of ‘star’. 

My first few weeks working for Zenith saw me following Aliysa round like a bad smell, shadowing her every move.  The first ‘star’ that we were assigned to was Ben Cooper; a TV presenter on one of the shopping channels.  I vaguely recognised him on the day we first met and I’m sure he was a little riled that I wasn’t more excited or grateful to be in his presence.

Aliysa had fake flattery and admiration off to a tee and would certainly gain an A* in acting.  I got the feeling she used these skills in all aspects of her life...except with me.  It was crystal clear that she was not fond of me and I was there, in her eyes, to use at her disposal.  Had the interview stated that I would be personally assisting Aliysa, I would have had second thoughts.

I shouldn’t complain.  As long as I did everything she asked and kept to myself, it seemed to work for both of us.  It didn’t take me long to work out that she liked to be the one working directly with our clients and have me in the background, following her instructions.  We had to meet with our assigned clients on a daily basis, ensuring that had everything they need (because those in the limelight are incapable of doing this for themselves), maintaining their appointments and attending interviews or appearances with them.

It all sounds rather exciting, I know.  And it was at first but eventually it just becomes the norm; what you get out of bed for each day.  I quickly became accustomed to being on television sets, behind the scenes, or going into the most exclusive hotels with our clients.

The only time I really found myself feeling a little ‘star-struck’ was when we passed Chris Moyles in the corridors of Radio 1, when Aliysa and I were P.As for Comedian James Colton.  Apart from that, I managed to maintain my composure and behave in a Zenith-code-of-conduct manner at all times. 

Not finished!

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