Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


7. Transition


My transition was finally coming. I could feel it. There was something different about me as anger, grief had just become rage and I had to literally work it all out beforehand or I wouldn’t know what would happen when the time came.

Every hit to the punch bag goes from light to hard and then it would be repeat again and again for ages. I pant exhausted and take a drink from my water bottle trying to calm down. It’s been quite intense emotions for the past few days and now I really am getting into the rage part of grieving which seems never-ending although I’m pretty sure that it won’t ever go away as whenever I think about grief, I think about my family too much which makes my heart rate go up so much. I look like I have gone one too days at the gym here but it makes me feel better, makes me distracted from reality for once.


I head back to my room and to get something to eat after that intense workout as I have sweat practically all over me.

“Hey.” Jaden says running up towards me.

“Hi.” I reply taking another swig of water.

“Wow, been working out?”

“I’m covered in sweat for a reason. It’s been a requirement lately.”

“Brutal. I just use the gym every few days so I stay in shape; you look like you’ve been going above and beyond the call of duty.”

“I normally do. You’ll see more of that eventually.”

“So where are you headed?”

“My room. I want to have a few minutes to relax. It hasn’t been easy to find that time recently.”

“Okay, I’ll see you around then.”

The dorm itself is just a whole floor for the girls and the boys and then after you graduate, there’s a better dorm while the new graduates try to find their feet somewhere else. My room is just the basic essentials which suited me fine and I realise when I look out my window that it’s already sunset. I guess I was in the gym for longer than I thought. I lie on my bed and close my eyes.

My eyes open and I see that it’s night outside. I shoot straight up and wonder how the hell I slept that long. I feel weird and the room starts to spin and I stumble to my feet to get to the door to lock it. I hear this piercing noise in my head and I clutch my head in absolute agony. God, what the hell is happening to me? I collapse onto my knees and the whole world seems to beat like a heart around me. I let out an agonising cry and then the whole view turns black.

I open my eyes and my vision starts to focus as I see sunlight hit my eyes which make them close by reflex. What happened last night? I look around and I realise where I am. I’m at the apple tree. How did I get back here? There’s no way I could get here in one night. Everything feels different now. There’s no more of those negative emotions, it’s all gone like it never existed. I get up and leave grabbing a rose on the way out. I look back at the tree and place the rose on the outside.

“Be safe, brother.” I say.

The apple tree is special to me as it’s where Atticus and I spent the night once when we were younger. It was one of the memories that define my childhood for me. Simple, innocent and pure at least that was the positive side of it. The negative is defined in itself when it comes to my life. Nothing lasts forever even if you want it to.

I was out of town and I wasn’t so sure how long I was out of it. The following transitions would be easier than that but if that’s anything of what my brother went through; it’s no surprise that he’s been missing for this long. Not to mention, he had wings and I don’t. You’ll see what I turn into later on.


This is definitely the most strange I’ve felt in ages and I’ve gone through emotions like movie flicks which is saying something about me in a way. It’s definitely not reassuring me about my future. I also can smell humans now which is something that I need to get used to as everyone has their own unique scent but at least I don’t want to bite them or kill them in a vampiric sense.

The field exam is soon which mainly consists of a practical mission. It’s a battle tournament and the first four to win all their fights will be new recruits. I have to win this so I can start searching for my brother without suspicion as leaving for any reason beforehand will put me on the radar like this transition has.

This whole tournament is in a massive arena where the only rules are that you can’t kill your opponent and you have to knock them out of the ring to precede further which shouldn’t be too hard. I already have the fact that some people might underestimate me but that isn’t guaranteed as anyone who makes it this far is a threat and I can’t afford to wait another year for this to come up again.

G-NXT was all going for the exam and we would prove to be quite the gang of fighters as it turns out. I guess that we all had our own way of getting through tough situations and it showed in the arena.

We all wait in the back already knowing who we’re facing. I have to face a guy who really defines the word arrogance. I didn’t even care, he would learn quickly enough when it comes to me. I may be a girl but it doesn’t make me any less tough.

“Are you nervous? You were insane enough to decide to fight in the male division.” Riley says.

“No. I mean, I’m going to win this. No question about it.”

“Man, I wish I had that confidence.”

Yeah I don’t think that when it comes to a fight to the finish, I’ll have the blessing of chivalry on my side. No-one really cares whether it’s a guy or girl you fight against, the aim is to win. God, I have really remembered what Atticus would normally remind me of if I was nervous about this.

“Best not to worry about it. If you panic, it makes things worse.” I say remembering that I’m in a conversation.

I half-smile remembering that Atticus once said that to me. Riley takes deep breaths trying to calm herself down. Weird to think that not too long ago, I was just as nervous but now this seems to be so little but then the thought of the amount of freedom I’m going to get if I pass this final test. This is just going to wind me up and I’d rather not test what happens when I’m emotionally high on nerves.

“Fine. I’ll take your advice but you seem to remain calm about everything anyway. You have got to tell me that secret.”

“No secret. Just being natural me.”

“Hey, Blondie!” Someone calls.

I look and realise that my hair has gone back to blonde. I guess I didn’t realise before. Still not the most original name that I’ve been called by other people. I roll my eyes. I can only guess who would be calling me out.

“You’re going to my first victim. Too bad, you’re pretty cute.”

“A threat and a compliment? That will really rattle me.” I respond sarcastically.

“Tough girl, huh?” He snickers throwing a punch but I stop it with my hand.

Seriously, what is with these guys? Riley looks on pretty impressed by my calm stance but I’m just being natural me as I said before. Natural me...that sounds pretty lame when it comes down to it.

“Valuable lesson for you. I don’t hide from weaklings.” I say coolly.

“Weaklings!” He practically shouts.

“Best if you walk away before I change my mind.”

“Talk tough. You’ll still lose.”

I nod in absolute disagreement on that matter. I don’t lose at least not a fight anyway.

“I’m guessing that guy has no chance.” Riley deduces.

“Accurate deduction there. Still should be fun to make him land on his face.” I confirm with a sly smile.


I’m not above putting people in their place which is something that is always a lot of fun to be honest or at least showing up the arrogant idiot on campus.


It’s not a natural environment as most of the practice fights I had were normally secluded instead of being in front of most of the school. It’s rattling but at least the adrenaline should be pumping faster which in turn will make me a better fighter.

“Ready to lose?” He attempts to taunt me.

I shake my head trying not to tempt myself to actually kill him even if I do get disqualified for it. It’s becoming more logical every time he opens his annoying mouth to talk.

“Please shut up.” I warn calmly.

He still has that smug look on his face. I can’t wait to knock it off. The crowd looks on thinking that a blonde, pretty girl like me shouldn’t last more than five minutes. I guess I’ll prove why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover to quote a saying. I stretch out a little to loosen myself up.

“Ready for the pain then?” I ask already knowing the outcome.

He seems to be annoyed by my so-called tough girl attitude and lunges at me but I just kick the bottom of his ankles and then hit him right in the stomach with little effort. He grasps his stomach in absolute agony and then collapses to the floor while I walk off the stage and head backstage just blowing a lock of hair out of my eyes. Everyone else in the crowd and the arena seems to be in absolute in shell-shock minus Riley who is rather impressed. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh but at least I shut him up.

“Nice, Alona. You took him out in no time.” Riley says in awe.

“Now you see why I decided to fight in the male division.” I reply with a confident smile.


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