Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


16. Training

Ask yourself this question: Where would you be without science? For me, I don’t have a concrete answer. I mean, in one way science has improved humanity and technology over time so it’s hard to see faults. Although, there are consequences that can seen if hard enough. What we mean in terms of scientific discovery, we start to lack in personal responsibility.


“How is this supposed to work exactly?” I ask still unsure.

“You turn into a wolf according to Deana so your hearing and your sense of smell should be much stronger. Sight shouldn’t be the only way that you can tell someone is following you for an example. It should be useful in the future.” Damien explains.

“So you want me to use my other senses to do what?”

“I’m going to try and get to the door in front of you and I want you to stop me from getting there. Block my path.”

“Sounds simple enough.”

“Just do it without using your eyes.”

“Not so simple then.”

“It’s just a case of learning and put it this way; this is a much more practical way of learning than traditional school work.”

I laugh a little as that is true. At least it is practical learning I’m doing rather than just the theory for once. That is something that school can occasionally be guilty of not doing too much.

“Alright, I’m ready then.” I decide.

“Remember, just focus on hearing and scent.” Damien reminds me.

Damien starts to take off his boots much to my confusion but then I realise why he’s doing that. The boots would give away where he is so blocking his path would be fairly easy for me and it wouldn’t be much of a learning experience. I nod and take a short sigh. I slowly close my eyes trying to focus on two senses that Damien said I should focus on. This is actually more difficult than I thought it would be.

“You’re not really used to this.” Damien guesses.

“What gave it away?”

“Open your eyes.”

I open them and see that he’s already at the door. How fast does he walk? I sigh disappointed that I didn’t even come anywhere near close to stopping him. This isn’t a good start or a good impression that I have made. Damien sighs seeing my disappointment and approaches me.

“Listen, this wasn’t easy for me to learn either. It wasn’t easy for any of us. We may not have all the time in the world but just try and keep your mind clear. You’ll pick it up faster that way.” Damien says trying to reassure me.

“You think?”

“Well, I wasn’t planning on you managing to crack it the first time. Just listen to me and then you’ll be fine.”

I smile lightly thinking that considering he doesn’t even know at all, he’s been great. He’s been rather friendly to me and it’s rather refreshing not having to hide such a massive factor of myself from anyone.

“Alright, can we go again?” I ask.

“Sure. Remember, keep your mind clear.” Damien answers moving back to his position.

I sigh more determined this time and close my eyes again. I nod to show that I’m ready to go for a second time. Keep your mind clear. Sounds much simpler than it actually is with everything going on. I rub the temples of my head in effort of keeping myself relaxed although I’ll be amazed if this actually works. My arms snap up by reflex when I hear something in the distance. I open my eyes and see that even though Damien had passed that point, he isn’t that far ahead. Damn, it actually does work. Who knew?

“That actually worked.” I say amazed.

“It still needs improvement as I managed to pass you. Well done, Alona.” Damien compliments.

“Thanks.” I respond casually.

There’s still more things that I have to learn though. According to Damien, when it comes to being a Zenomorph, learning how to use your advanced senses is the easy part of the experience. I’m not exactly thrilled about the other aspects that I have to learn. Everything about being a Zenomorph seems to be negative. I know the positives but they aren’t really what stand out.


Damien, Christian and Deana basically taught me the three different aspects of what a Zenomorph can do. Damien as you know obviously taught me how to use those stronger senses, Christian would teach more about the psychic abilities and Deana would help to control my transitioning and how to control the speed and strength that comes with it. It’s definitely fortunate that I had them helping me rather than me learning all of it the hard way.


Christian is the next one to teach me. I didn’t know before that a Zenomorph could use psychic abilities. Dad’s reports didn’t go into extensive detail on the matter. It mentions the psychic capabilities once or twice but he says it’s only capable for a few. It sounds to me like it’s something that comes once in a blue moon.

“So psychic abilities are basically what?” I ask.

“Manifesting and telekinesis.” Christian answers.

“You waste no time, do you?”

“I don’t see the point. It’s nothing personal.”

I raise my eyebrows just taking his word for it. He’s the serious type then. I wonder how Deana gets things done then. Still, I’m just hoping that he doesn’t become a commander instead of a comrade.

“So what do you want me to do then?” I continue.

“Using psychic abilities is being able to use serenity.”

“That’s a bit too peaceful for me.”

“Think of something powerful like a memory. The stronger the memory, the stronger the psychic ability should be.”

A memory and it has to be a powerful one. There are plenty of memories recently but most of them aren’t moments of serenity. I close my eyes thinking of that time when I was thirteen. Atticus had taken me to this empty field late at night. I had no idea what he was up to. Dad normally didn’t let me out this late because of him being a protective father so I was rather confused as Atticus would normally be the same. That was one of those times that I really missed Mom. I think looking back Atticus knew that because he did as well. He normally keeps those types of feelings to himself. Anyway, Atticus brought out this box of fireworks and lit one of them. After a few seconds, it shot into the sky like a rocket and then the sparks of light would rain down to the ground. I smile half-heartily remembering that so clearly. We burnt the field to the ground! I would run into the middle of all the sparks raining down with this massive smile on my face completely forgetting what was troubling me just a few seconds ago. I open my eyes and then realise that there are tears running down my face.

“Are you alright?” Christian asks concerned.

“It’s a powerful memory.” I respond wiping the tears away.

I miss Atticus so much and my family in general. I just wish that I knew where Atticus was. There’s no-one left now. The one thing that I know is that you don’t completely move on, you just learn how to go through life just managing to cope with the hole left by their absence. I see a spark appear in the palm of my hand, a white spark. I smile seeing the same bright white spark from that night.

“Impressive.” Christian comments.

The spark soon fades and I feel a sudden rush of exhaustion and my vision spins so I fall onto my knees.

“Having psychic abilities is a great thing but if you use too much before you’re ready, it could be fatal in some cases.” Christian warns.

I’ll remember that in the future. I’m still in shock that I actually managed to do something like that. How much can I do? I shouldn’t push my luck. If going beyond my limits can kill me, that should serve as a warning clearly.

“I think we’ll stop there.” Christian decides.

“But what about the other stuff?” I ask.

“Considering what you managed to do in just a few minutes, it can wait until tomorrow.”

Deana is going to be expecting sooner than she thought she would. I nod and agree as I want to get all of today over with.


I’ve always clung to the stories, memories and dreams and I have never been able to leave them behind. There are so many memories of my brother and the G-NXT. Although, I don’t think I’m ready for them to be memories just yet.


“Christian is done with you already?” Deana says surprised.

“We got more done then we expected. He said that I learnt more than I should have by now so he thought it would be best to wait until tomorrow for the next part of this training course that you three have subjected me to.” I explain.

“Alona, most of us had to learn how to be Zenomorphs the hard way. It took too much time. You need to get there fast. Lives may depend on that.”

“I know. I just want to know if there is ever any fun with this stuff.” I sigh.

“I wouldn’t place any bets on it.”

I roll my eyes. Obviously, there are negatives to being a Zenomorph and some of them have been experienced recently. The good should also come with the bad but for the most part, there’s a lot more bad than good. It seems like another recurring theme but is it pointless to hope for something positive? Staying in a constant depressive mood is starting to take its toll for me.

“So where do we start?” I ask.

“You want this to be over, don’t you?” Deana notes.

“What gave it away? Moaning about the lack of exciting things a few minutes ago?”

“No but the fact you seem to be in a rush to get everything done.”

“It’s stupid but the sooner this is over, the sooner I can go back to my life or whatever is left of it.”

“Not stupid at all.”
I’m not exactly a big fan of revealing my problems for the entire world to observe. I’d rather keep some of it to myself. Everyone has problems but I should probably try and keep it refrained as much as I can.

“It’s not transitioning per se.” Deana starts. “You should be able to control when you want to change and manage to use abilities such as advanced speed and strength when you’re in a human form. You need to control your emotional state better.”


Being a teenager means my emotions that can change more quickly but there is control over it considering that if my emotions really let loose, it sounds rather catastrophic in personal opinion.

“I’m just saying that if you can handle your emotions better, the trigger should be revealed. What were you feeling before you transitioned last time?”

That doesn’t take much effort to remember.

“Intense for the most part.” I answer.

“Well, all you have to do is replicate that feeling. You could use a memory for example.”

Replicating intensity considering the amount of intense situations that I have seen over the past few weeks, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

“I’m sure I can come up with something.” I say slyly.

Using that feeling of focus that I’m starting to all too familiar with now is the easy part. That mission when I had to destroy those blood samples had to be one of the most intense moments of my life. I see my nails turn a pitch black colour and become much sharper. I look in the mirror and see my hair become that snow-white colour again. I thought that was just a sign of the fiend DNA growing stronger. It makes sense that it would then represent my Zenomorph side after the fact.

“How it’s turning out then?” Deana asks.

“Don’t know. It’s not going all the way.” I say with a frustrated sigh.

“You’re going to have to use whatever creates that intensity and make it stronger.”

I sigh trying to think of something that created such intense emotion in a short range of time. There’s only one more thing that comes to mind immediately: The day that my family was torn apart by Z-Note tracking us down. I can still sense how strong the fire was that night. The feeling of complete and utter devastation isn’t something that just disappears. My heart just beats more intensely at the second I remember that night and I can feel my whole body start to change. A feeling of shrinking becomes stronger and then this white-hot moment of pain comes. I let out a pain-filled scream and then I drop onto the floor. My eyes open and there’s a snow-white furred wolf showing in the mirror. It takes a second to recognise that this wolf is me. I did it.

“Well done. Now you need to turn back to say that you know how to do this.” Deana comments.

What is the opposite of intensity? Strange, that isn’t a question that should be hard to answer. Relaxed maybe? I don’t think using that night with the fireworks is a good idea. It would be best to use something else. What relaxes me? There is that afternoon I spent with Jaden. There hasn’t really been a relaxing day like that since then. It didn’t seem like something someone like me would experience at all. It caught me by surprise. Looking back, it’s like a world away now. I feel my body morph back to normal but the thought of that afternoon leaves me feeling guilty for lying to Jaden. He was a good friend to have and I betrayed his trust.

“Not bad. You learn quickly.” Deana says.

“You’re not the first to tell me that today. It must be because of the time I spent in Mideel. You learn things rather quickly there.” I reply.

“Must have come in handy.”

“Yeah, you’d think.”


To say the least: It was a bizarre day. I went through all sorts of emotions. They ranged from happy, intense, sadness, grief, peaceful and guilt. Most of those abilities are linked to my emotions so in a sense it was rather therapeutic but in another it’s rather overwhelming.


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