Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


4. Reports and Broadcasts


Weapons and running. It’s not something that I would have beforehand but desperate times. I quickly had to learn to keep on the move as if I stopped any place for too long, I might start being noticed especially when bizarre things happen in small towns. It would be random at first but then more and more weird events would set them straight on me. For I was the only one at the time, staying on the road meant staying alive.

I take a shower and I just about see how bad the attack the mansion actually hurt me. There’s so much blood hidden underneath all these clothes that taking them off for a simple shower felt painful but the hot water seems to calm me down as the blood runs off of me and into the drain. I open my eyes and I just feel this strong fury. I punch at the white-tiled wall and keep on hitting it harder and harder until there’s just tarmac there screaming loudly and then calm down again.

That whole scene is going to be hard to explain but good thing I’ll be gone by tomorrow if that’s the case. I wrap a towel around my body and dry my hair but when I catch a glimpse of my reflection through the steam-covered mirror, I see a whole different person. My hair has gone from blonde to a fur-like white colour, my nails have turned black and grown stronger and longer, my eyes now a glass-blue. The transition is coming really close now. I sigh deeply as I realise just how much reality is catching up with me.

There’s got to be a way to stop being a Zenomorph but it’s definitely not obvious. Dad must have known of a way to destroy the Zenomorph DNA. It has to be recorded down in his diary but I just hope that he hasn’t done anything to prevent me from using it. I rummage through my large backpack looking for that black case I grab from home. After some time and effort, I find it gathering up some dust. Come on, Dad. If there was ever a time to not let me down, this would be it.

I take out my laptop and put the first disk I see into the drive. I see my father come up on the video and I keep my silence as he begins to talk about whatever this file is supposed to contain.

First report. Today I have decided to start keeping reports inspired by what my father would do so that way if anything should happen to me, others may continue my work. My research into studying more about Zenomorph DNA has been hard to follow recently as all trial subjects have seemed to be unstable. There’s either something wrong with the strand we’re using or the trial subjects aren’t able to adapt to the change. Z-Note says that they’re trying young people as they should be able to learn faster. I’m not sure whether they’re right but I have little say in the matter.”

I guess you had more of an impact in my case or Atticus’s. I wish I knew where he was though. This whole thing must a debriefing of the whole follow-up to what happened to us but that’s not what I’m looking for though so I move onto the next disk.

Second report. Younger people have proven to be more stable and more adaptable to the change but a problem remains when it comes to the overall transition, they either transit quickly or it takes longer but that it is subjective. It could be an hour, day or a week. In any case, when the transition starts to take place, it is recommended to be as distant from it as the subject will become unpredictable such as the case with those who change faster. Those who have slower transition will see signs of change through appearance or personality.”

So much for saying that it was earlier than he predicted. I guess he must have hoped that Atticus would have a slower transition like I’m having but no such luck and I have the emotional scars to prove it.

Third report. I have discovered an interesting development but it’s still yet to be seen and analysed properly. There’s a certain type of reaction which is quite bizarre. It’s an unstable reaction but it doesn’t seem like one at first. It seems more like a successful one, they can transit from human to their fiend form but each time they do will weaken them. Eventually, it leads to a type of illness and unless the DNA is destroyed, death is inevitable.”

Great, so I could be that and so could Atticus and only I know about it now as Atticus is still missing. There has to be something about how to get rid of the DNA strand that I have inside of me so I don’t have the chance to find out whether I am unstable or not.

Fourth report. Z-Note has found a way to remove the DNA strand from the subjects and that is by inserting radiation into the subject. Although this isn’t the simplest way but the only way so far to have been discovered. The chances of the survival are low and the longer that the DNA is in someone, the more chance that they will not survive the procedure but maybe when you think about it, either way there’s going to be a risk of death involved.”

There’s my answer but already there are more questions than answers such as: Where am I supposed to find that much radiation in a limited time? Where has Atticus disappeared to? How am I supposed to get anywhere near a Z-Note lab without being caught? I fall onto my bed rolling my eyes in annoyance at how nothing is never easy anymore.

The next day, I pack up my things to leave and go on the move again. This is going to get either easier or annoying really fast. I don’t like being on the move that much. I should get going before the innkeeper sees me. That whole shower is going to be weird enough to explain if he realises it before I leave here. I sneak out of the inn and make my out of the village.

Let’s see. This is an endless green field for now and it should take me three days before I reach Mideel and that’s good enough if nothing manages to come up in the meantime. There aren’t many pit stops from here on so it should be a straight-forward journey. That’s naive of me to think though. It should help if I transition before I reach Mideel, I’ll be fine as it can happen anytime from now.

A whole day’s walk and nothing out of the ordinary although I’m not looking forward to sleeping on the ground again. Maybe turning into a fiend won’t be so bad, depending if I black out when I am one. I hear a broadcast coming in from my communicator which shouldn’t be happening as only my brother, Dad and I know my frequency or an overall broadcast that the whole world needs to hear.

People of the world. We have an urgent message from the corporation, Z-Note. They have announced that a creature known as the Zenomorph has been released into the outside world. Caution must be taken as these creatures are known to look exactly like any other human but are capable of turning into fiends when provoked. They are extremely dangerous and are now being captured until further action is taken. Most have escaped the Verone facility.”

How could they have found out about us? I mean, I thought that my brother and I were the only ones that managed to survive the initial change but I guess that they weren’t. This makes things even harder now as extra care has to be taken. Things have to get better at some point right? Who am I trying to kid here? Wait...the Verone facility, is it...? No, it can’t be that. It is possible that Atticus could still be in Verone. Or it could be a trap to lure others in. I have to take the risk. This is my brother; he’s my only remaining family now.


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