Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


1. Preface


Who am I? You really want to know?” I ask for one final confirmation.

I’ll say this now that if someone told you I was just a regular girl with nothing to hide...that person lied.

Welcome to my world.

Where to start a story? I’m not any good at beginnings which is one of the weaknesses that I will admit and I won’t reveal many more, I should hope. This could start from a traditional point of view: I was born, I grew up and I lived. That sounds pretty boring in personal opinion so let’s start from the day where my life grew complicated as I like to call it anyway.

There are some things here that you’ll have to work out but nothing hopefully that should shock you too much but it’s a long story which should eventually reveal all you need to know so far and about me.

I suppose I should start so my story begins a few months ago...


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