Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


14. Journey

It was becoming a familiar event much to my displeasure: Having nowhere to go. I thought that the best bet would be trying to find Deana again so I could join her crusade against Z-Note. As far as I was concerned, I already lost everything so why not risk it all. Walls were closing and I just did anything in hope to find my way.


“You finally realise I was right then?” Deana guesses not that surprised.

“You could say that.” I nod.

Deana is carrying a silver dagger in the shape of a lunar moon in her right hand but as much as I feel the need to bring my own out, I don’t retaliate. I’m too burnt out to actually put my any fight both physically and emotionally.

“So you’re coming with me?” Deana asks.

“I don’t have a choice in the matter anymore.” I confirm sadly.

“I told you that humans are all the same.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have placed such high hopes on a group that I barely know that well. It is quite naive of me to do that and look where it has gotten me. Well, I’ll never see them again now.

“Where are we going?” I wonder changing the topic.

“Avalon.” Deana replies simply.

Avalon. That’s the city that has always got the feeling of a giant library. It’s filled with scholars and knowledge. The ideal training spot and learning spot for anyone on the move. It’s peaceful as well and Z-Note has removed itself from there. Avalon seems to enjoy the simple pastures in life rather than the scientific ones. I can actually admire them for that decision now.

“Why there?” I ask even though I know the answer.

“That’s where all the others are. We need to head back to Verone to take the boat to Avalon but that’s all. We should be there in a week.”

I laugh at the way that it sounds. It sounds simple and easy enough to achieve but as I’ve had to learn the hard way, nothing is ever that easy.

“You make it sound so easy.” I laugh lightly.

“Yeah, of course it’s not. We’ll have to be more careful considering that you dropping out of that school now when Z-Note is around will arouse a lot of suspicion. I mean, considering if those friends of yours didn’t rat you out.”

There’s no answer to that question. Jaden didn’t say that he would tell all but he also didn’t say he wouldn’t. I like to hope that he wouldn’t say anything but there’s no way of knowing without going back and there’s too big a risk in going back to that place.

“We’ll see.” I say.

“Not a no or a yes. We should head out now. Daylight will come soon. It’s best to leave with low risk of being noticed.”


It feels all too familiar walking through this massive field again and it’s around a two day walk to get to Verone. I’m completely shattered though. I haven’t had any sleep in the past twenty-four hours.

“Keep on walking.” Deana encourages.

“I haven’t had any sleep in ages. I need time to rest.”

“We don’t have time to rest yet. You can rest on the five day boat trip. We have to get to Verone in the next two days to get the boat in the first place.”

“I’m no good burnt out. Anything attacks us; you’re on your own.”

Deana turns around to face me instead of trekking forward and talking to me. I stop in my tracks at the moment she does that.

“I’ll go on ahead without you. I didn’t have to even find you in the first place. Your choice.”

My shoulders sink when Deana tells me that because she knows that I don’t have a choice in the first place. I keep on walking forward and she has a smug smile on her face which quickly fades.


To give Deana credit, she did teach me a lot while I was with her and I think I owe her my life for what she did for me. I didn’t really like her at first as you can probably tell but that changed over time.


We set up a campfire in the field the same night and I fall on the soft grass absolutely exhausted and I close my eyes feeling that strong urge to sleep more than ever before.

“Enjoy the rest while you have it. We’ll be up again in a few hours.” Deana tells me.

I let out a moan because I’m sure that when we’re on that boat, I’ll be asleep for those five days. I don’t even have the energy to complain about it considering that my sleep seems to be something to treasure these days.


I open my eyes in a strange wood area. It doesn’t seem like a natural woodland area but rather one of those woods where people could just go missing. I hear a howl in the distance. A wolf howl. I run down the path set in front of me not seeing any other way to go. This strong bang I hear in my head and then a massive pain and I clutch my head falling to my knees. What the heck is happening to me? I open my eyes feeling sweat drops roll down my face. I see three black wolves in front of me. I get back up to my feet and take a hesitant step back and a twig snaps causing my heart to jump and the wolves start to chase me. I turn around running in the opposite direction. Come on! Run faster! I fall down on my knees and one wolf jumps on top pinning me down! No!


I snap straight up panting like I had just run a marathon. I look around and see where I am. I see Deana and the fire still burning. It was another nightmare. I wipe the sweat away off my forehead. These nightmares are getting worse. That wolf nearly bit into me that time. The first one was just seeing those wolves and then they started to chase me. Now they’re looking to kill me.


There’s no point in even trying to go back to sleep. Those nightmares are that horrible so going back to sleep is impossible. I look at the sunrise on the horizon and the light touches my face which makes me feel calmer. Deana sits up probably having had a much better sleep than mine.

“You’re up before me? That’s a shocker.” Deana says.

“Nightmare.” I explain.

“You’re not out of them yet.”

“Like I need reminding.”

That’s a comforting reminder...not. The day this whole fight against Z-Note is behind me, the better.

“Come on, we should get to Verone by the afternoon if we start now.” Deana continues getting up brushing dust off her trousers.

Why wolves though? They’re becoming a recurring pattern. I have nightmares and I’m becoming uncomfortably used to them. My nightmares before only came every now and then not every single night. It’s starting to really affect me which is not something I need right now. If anything I thought that my dreams would start to focus on the more emotional side of things.

“Keep your head out of the clouds.” Deana advises.

“Whatever.” I say not really caring.

“What was that nightmare about? If it’s still bothering you, there’s obviously a problem.”


“You should have told me earlier then.”

I look up and Deana doesn’t even turn around but I can tell that she has one of those I know smiles on her face.

“So what is it, wise one?” I ask sarcastically.

“It’s your fiend form. That’s how we all find out ours. Through our dreams or nightmares as I like to say.”

Why is it that sometimes I wish that Dad’s reports mentioned this stuff at the beginning? It probably avoids reveals like this which would be easier for me instead of having to endure nightmares for days on end and not knowing what they meant.

“How long do they last for?” I push.

“Not long. It’s an early sign of the fiend DNA becoming stronger.”

“How do you even know more stuff than me?” I question.

“You spend time as a trial subject; you learn a thing or two.”

I decide not to push that subject any further because I don’t even want to imagine any of it. It may just be part of being a Zenomorph but something about being trapped in a confined space is just a lot more terrifying to me when before it wouldn’t sound so horrible.

“Verone is on the horizon. We should keep moving.” Deana mentions.


Being back in Verone felt so bizarre. Everything looked the same but it wasn’t. I did mention this before but now everything felt even smaller compared to everything that had happened since. Verone was where I lived for such a long time and I lost it in a blink of an eye. Leaving things behind: Doesn’t that sum my life?


The port is massive and it can hold about five passenger boats at a time. The one we’re going on is really basic and it seems like it will be a steady journey to Avalon. I wouldn’t say that I’m out of the woods yet though. In fact, I’m probably not even close. The ship is so empty that it feels wrong.

“Stop daydreaming, will you?” Deana demands.

“Force of habit.” I respond bitterly.

“Whatever suits you but I’d rather we just get there without drawing any attention to ourselves.”
“Whatever you say.”


I stand at the very end of the boat looking at the sapphire ocean in front of me and feeling the gently breeze on my face. It is strange how beautiful things can look but how fragile it seems at the same time. Atticus loves this type of thing, he appreciates the finer things in life but he also has a love for nature. Everything seems to remind me of my family in some way or another. I always like to hope that he’s alive and well but my head tells me otherwise.

“Where are you, Atticus?” I worry quietly.

“Who’s he?” Deana questions.

My shoulders drop the moment that I hear her voice. Am I ever really alone anymore?

“Like you care, Deana.” I sigh.

“I may be harsh but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart.”

I look out at the view in front of me. It’s a change of scenery from all those towns and cities that I’ve seen recently. I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. When this boat docks, I can’t imagine things getting much better.

“You know, whenever I miss someone that I care about, I always try and remember things from their point of view. It helps me forward as I know that they wouldn’t want me to put my life on hold because of them. This may seem like something that someone would say a thousand times but it’s true.”

Imagining things from my brother’s view isn’t something I’m an expert at. Atticus is one of those people that you can never guess what he’s really thinking. He’s my brother and I don’t know him completely inside out.

“Thanks.” I say.

“Things are going to get harder from here on out. You can either keep on going with me or keep on running. Whichever you decide, I won’t do anything to change your mind.”

That’s something I didn’t expect to hear from her of all people. She was pretty much in my face telling me that Z-Note had to be taken down. I guess it could be that the more Zenomorphs on her cause, the better.


This whole moving from place to place is a recurring pattern in my life. Verone was the place that felt the most like a home but because of my dad’s work with Z-Note, we had to move away on a daily basis. It’s hard to call a place home when you have to leave within a few months or weeks sometimes.


Home. Family. It’s where you go when there is no-one else. Still a home is the one thing that I have never had but I dream about it. It’s probably the core of my character: A lost girl wanting a home.



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