Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


10. Guide Around Town

I think that when I look back on this moment. It’s a happy one and probably the start of it all...

Jaden seems to be taking me to the car park and then I follow him into the small area which is just darkly lit but still clear enough to see everything and I can see various cars from big to small, fast and furious, slow and steady and heavy ammunition. I hope I get to drive some of these cars one day. I follow Jaden around the corner and see a dark red motorbike in my sight.

“Wow.” I gasp impressed.

“I just thought it wasn’t fair that you never got the guided tour.” Jaden says handing me a helmet.

“So you knew I would like this type of thing then?” I guess.

“I hoped you would.”

I get on the motorbike putting my red helmet on as I hold onto Jaden’s waist for support.

“You sure you know how to drive this thing?” I ask.

“Well, this is Mideel. Not many know how to drive.” Jaden answers playfully.

I laugh a little and Jaden starts the bike up as we head out of the gate into the town racing everywhere. I have this massive smile on my face absolutely loving the feel of being on this bike. It’s like complete freedom on the open road. There are so many things in this town from seeing market district which isn’t as massive as the one in Verone but it still manages to come a close second to having what I want. The obvious sights but there are so many parks here which range from huge like the one at the school and the ones which are much smaller but have the lakes where everyone goes swimming at. Jaden takes a stop here which puzzles me and I follow him out of sheer confusion and curiosity.

“What’s here that you need to stop?” I ask actually feeling somewhat excited.

“One of my favourite spots. It’s part of my own personal tour.” Jaden answers.

“So anymore surprises that I should know about then?”

“No spoilers.”

I smile lightly as he responds to mine with one of his own. It’s so bizarre how after knowing him for only a short time that I get on with him so well. When I was with Atticus, I could hardly get on people outside him. It’s not like I didn’t have friends but none of them really knew me that well.


We hike through the woods which aren’t what I had in mind when I thought about the fun in this tour. There has to be something here which is worth this treck that seems to be a pain right now.

“You know, this isn’t what I had mind when I thought of fun.” I say.

“Patience is a virtue. Don’t worry, we’re nearly there.”


I move a twig away from my face as I keep on walking on the grass which seems to be getting softer the more we move forward. Jaden just seems to walk forward with anticipation and the sun shining in his brown hair and his eyes seemingly becoming a pale green when the sun hits them. I keep on moving forward looking down to make sure I don’t step on a stone or something that could hurt my feet. I hear Jaden come to a stop.

“Take a look then.” Jaden says.

I look up and see this small waterfall surrounded by these massive rocks and the small lake at the bottom. This place is beautiful and I can smell the scent of flowers not too far away. I get a small smile on my face lit up by the beauty of this place.

“This is amazing.” I gasp.

“I know.” Jaden agrees.

I look at the lake and see that it’s shallow enough for anyone to go swimming in without any risk. I see a rope swing which can be used to take me to the other side of the waterfall.

“Does anyone know about this place?” I ask.

“No. It’s a secluded place. I like it that way.”

So do I. Jaden gets a grin on his face and takes off his grey top revealing his well-built chest much to my surprise.

“Oh, you’re not going to...?” I realise.

Jaden then jumps into the lake and rises up after a few seconds. He’s absolutely crazy! I shake my head in absolute disbelief and I’m left questioning whether Jaden is just naturally impulsive or he’s insane.

“The water’s fantastic!” Jaden shouts.

“I can guess.” I smile taking his word for it.

“You gonna come in then?” Jaden asks.

I shouldn’t but the heat should dry me off so getting wet isn’t a problem. I’m not taking off my clothes though. I dive into the lake and the water is amazing. It’s not cold but actually really warm which is relaxing. There’s no rush to get out of this.

“This is good.” I say simply.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it. You’re more fun than I give you credit for.” Jaden replies.

“I’m a person of many mysteries.”


“Is that why you decided to get to know me?”

“I’m drawn to the unknown.”

Most people are scared of the unknown. It’s the reason why Zenomorphs are hunted as people don’t understand or know the true reason behind why they exist. All they know is that we’re the threat which is something I don’t understand. Wouldn’t it be better if you actually knew one?

“Most wouldn’t be like that.” I sigh simply.

“Well, fear is essentially found in everything when you look hard enough. I don’t see the point in being scared of what I don’t know. It seems pointless.”

I move my head in agreement. Jaden seems to always say something that I manage to agree with. We get on so well. This is the first time in ages where I haven’t had to think about transitions, Zenomorphs or my family. It feels like a whole world away which the best feeling I’ve had in ages.

“What is it?” Jaden asks.

“Nothing.” I answer.


After drying off, we head back to the bike and I wonder what other surprises Jaden has in store for me even though I don’t think I’ll be complaining about where he takes me now.

“So what’s next?” I ask in anticipation.

“One more stop and then we should get back.”

I put my helmet back on and then the bike races to around the edge of town and I can see the sunset on the horizon. It’s hard to believe that all of this stuff has just happened in the one day. I start to think about how when this is over, I’ll be going back to my reality which depresses me. I miss days like this when I could just relax and have fun. Nothing feels the same now. I look to the side and see a small beach and the ocean breeze is calming despite the beach being completely empty.

“Is this place also private then?” I ask.

“No it’s normally crowded. It’s only because it’s late into the day now.”

“Oh, right.”
“There’s not much to do here but I thought that you should see this place.”

It isn’t as much fun as the lake but at least I know my way around Mideel. Jaden sighs like he is recalling an old memory. This place has to be of some importance to him but I decide not to push him. I’m thinking that it has something to do with his family which he seems to avoid as he said they don’t get on.

“Back to school then?” I suggest trying to take his mind off it.

“Yeah.” Jaden agrees still not really there.


We were only gone for a few hours but it feels like we’ve been gone just a few minutes. Time does fly when you’re having fun.

“So did you enjoy yourself then?” Jaden asks.

“Yeah, it was great.” I nod.

“Good to know. So you heading back to your room then?”

“That’s the plan.”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

I nod and wave goodbye slightly and he gives a lazy salute and then heads back to the boys dorm. It’s been a great day despite what happened to Riley and everything else in between that.


I still have this smile on my face which won’t seem to go away no matter how hard I try. It’s like the whole world around me has just faded away. I collapse on my bed feeling more exhausted but still having that burst of relief in me.


What I think now about this is that I haven’t been that happy since. I still felt like a teenager then and it was like a teenage dream that day. I may still be a teenager now but the things I’ve had to go through haven’t been the easiest to endure.


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