Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


11. Graduation

Graduation. It’s a time which symbolises the change approaching after leaving one major factor of your life behind you. I didn’t know it then but change was definitely coming after graduation.


I wake up in my room already feeling anxious about this graduation ceremony. The tournament itself finished a while ago and we all avoided it because of what had happened. I didn’t see the point in going as I already finished the battles before Riley even got crushed which is the reason why Riley seemed to avoid it.

It’s not a typical ceremony though. It’s more like a whole bunch of speeches through a rather formal party. It’s a ball basically. I could skip it for the most part and no-one would really notice but socially its best that I go. I just want to start the missions so I can finally be out of the school system and start the search for my brother and start to take down Z-Note. Wearing the most formal dress I had which is a sapphire blue dress with dark blue heels to match. I’m not used to dressing up but I guess there are times where uncomfortable shoes have to be worn. I don’t bother styling my hair and just leave it how it normally is. There’s really not much point making an effort.

“Here we go.” I sigh.

I was about to say my real name but then I changed my mind thinking that I have to leave that aspect behind until I know that it won’t kill to use my name. I sigh deeply thinking that this is something that really sucks and then leave the room.


Why do people wear heels? It’s like walking on knives. I didn’t make a habit of wearing heels before and I sure as hell won’t now. I let out a sigh of annoyance and start making my way to the grand hall for the ceremony. I snap my head up when I sense someone behind me and then a hand covers my mouth as I try to scream and it gets weaker as my vision starts to fail me and everything turns black.


The next thing I know is that I’m in this massive room lying down on a sofa covered in crumpled papers which have long been ruined. What the hell? Whatever the case, this isn’t a typical kidnapping. I don’t think kidnappers make the kidnappee feel this comfortable or at least as comfortable as they possibly can be in the given situation.

“She awakes then.” A female voice says.

I turn my head in the direction the voice is coming from and I see an ice-pale girl with black hair like a midnight forest. Her eyes are a dark brown like earth brown colour. In fact the only bright colours I can see are her red lips. She doesn’t seem human though. It’s her scent. I guess its part of being a Zenomorph knowing the difference between human or not.

“You’re not human.” I realise automatically.

“You can’t talk though. You aren’t either.”

“Is this a Z-Note trap then?”

She gets a look of disgust when I say that. I can guess that she isn’t on their side then. That relieves me as it means that Z-Note has failed to find me so far. There’s still an element of nervousness as I don’t know who she is.

“No, they could be in hell for all I care.” She answers moving towards me.

“So who the hell are you then?” I ask lying down the sofa again.

“Someone like you.”

I snap right back up and sit down properly. I thought that Atticus and I were the only ones. I knew that there were trials conducted before us but I thought there weren’t any successful ones. What else don’t I know?

“You’re a Zenomorph?” I ask just to be sure.

“Checkmate.” She confirms.

“Wait, how did...? There’s not many in existence, you know.” I say still unsure myself.

“A whole bunch of us escaped from the Verone facility not too long ago. We all split up to go in different directions. It would be weird to have one big group at the same time in one town. I came here and for some reason, I could sense you and I guess that you were one of us as well. I was right.”

“You didn’t sense anyone else?”


I look down in disappointment. I knew that Atticus wouldn’t be here as I would have sensed him apparently by now. I guess I’m still holding onto any hope that he’s out there and somehow still watching over me.

“Why did you come here?” I ask.

“Zenomorphs are on the run because of Z-Note and there’s little time before we are found out. We have to take down Z-Note before they do that to us. They can’t wipe us out.”

“Z-Note is stronger. You’ll have to fight smart to beat them.”

“Strength in numbers though.”

“Maybe but I’m going into this fight with a plan. Last time I didn’t, I could have been at their mercy.”

“Come with me. I’m leaving town in a few days.”

I think about everything that is going on with me now being a graduate and my life here which I don’t want to leave behind now. It’s finally getting back to normal to a degree and I’m starting to enjoy myself.

“I don’t know.” I answer getting up.

“What’s keeping you here?”


She then looks at me with the thought that I’m being stubborn and stupid for thinking that my life here is worthwhile.

“With people that would turn on you in a heartbeat?”

“You don’t know them.”

“I know human beings. Most of them are the same at the core.”

I haven’t questioned the fact that people can be different but I don’t want her to be right. The people that I seem to associate myself with seem to be reasonable enough for me to trust. As soon as that thought hits me, the question remains: Why haven’t I told them then?

“Your choice but you’ll be here eventually with the rest of us.”

“I know what the right one is.”

“My name is Deana f-y-i.”

“Whatever. I’m not going to tell you mine. I know what I have to do.”

“Have or want? You should learn to differentiate. It will give you a clearer picture in future.”

I storm out of the house and take my heels off as all they’re doing is just fuelling any anger I have. I can see my nails grow longer and turn black. Whatever emotion that carries the risk of transition needs to be focused so I can control when I turn into my fiend form.


I get back to the school just around the time where I see everyone slow dancing to the waltz music playing. I guess I missed the speeches. Well, one good thing came from being kidnapped then. I lean against the wall not feeling the urge to dance and just feel more like punching a wall than leaning against one. Riley and Cyrus see me and approach me actually feeling the bad mood I’m in.

“Where were you?” Riley asks.

“Out of commission.” I snap.

Cyrus puts his hands up in false surrender not wanting to annoy me anymore judging from my response to a simple question.

“Okay, we were just asking.” Cyrus surrenders.

“I know.” I sigh taking a deep breath. “Look, I just got caught up with something that took up more time than I wanted it to.”

“Sucks but at least you missed those sentimental speeches.” Riley responses with a slight smile.

“Yeah, that’s the only thing to come out of this.”

Actually, where’s Jaden? He doesn’t seem like the type that is anti-social but he doesn’t seem like a party person either.

“Hey, did Jaden come?” I ask.

“He came for a while but then left because he didn’t see the point in staying. He isn’t a party guy.” Cyrus answers.

“But clearly you are.” I respond.

“Well, there are free drinks so happy days.”

Typical but I am disappointed that Jaden didn’t come. Oh well, I can just try and enjoy myself without him being here. Riley and Cyrus are already here and that should manage just fine tonight.

“Are you going to dance then?” I ask the both of them.

“Not my thing.” Cyrus answers shaking his head.

“I might but I’m not big on being on the dance floor by myself.” Riley says.

“I guess we’re the anti-party people here then.” I sigh.

“I wouldn’t say that. Everyone here has managed to score a date and none of us have one or wanted one so it’s a bit weird to be on your own with all the couples dancing.” Cyrus responds.

I agree with that. I’m living a lie all the time and I already feel out of place with everyone knowing each other pretty well and I’m just the outsider looking in. It’ll change if the others find out about me being a Zenomorph which would just ruin this life that I’ve just managed to build for myself.


I go out to the small balcony looking up at the starry night sky. Cyrus and Riley are just spending their whole time either drinking or talking about things that don’t really concern me. I guess graduation is overrated then. Funny how much effort goes into making it the biggest thing ever. Deana is still bothering me. There are others out there somewhere. Others like me. It would be stupid not to even be considering the offer. If I stick with them, I can finally start the fight against Z-Note and maybe find some clues leading to Atticus. At the same time, there’s all this which really seems little now.


One question remained: What was keeping me here then?



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