Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


8. Crushed


I went through fight after fight putting in little effort so I advanced to the finals with little surprise to me but not to everyone else. Ever since my transition, everything that would have been hard suddenly became a lot easier which was handy but I had to restrain to a degree so I wouldn’t cause too much harm.

It’s safe to say that G-NXT was sailing through and no-one failed to realise that we were the group favoured to win. I wasn’t going to let confidence become arrogance so I went into every challenge with an open view.

All four of us have done pretty well in the fights. It looks like we’re going to be the next recruits for missions and some of the graduates.

“You look like a winner, Alona.” Jaden comments.

“I’ll count my blessings when this is over, thanks.” I sigh.

“Anyway, Riley is up next.” Cyrus replies.

Riley takes a deep exhale when she remembers that fact. I don’t blame her as while I’ve been going up against weaklings to say the least, she’s had a tough crowd of competitors. Jaden and Cyrus have had the best of both so they show up well in the rankings. I don’t know how much more I need to prove.

“Too bad I’m up against psycho Statica.” Riley nervously mentions.

“Who’s she?” I ask curious.

“Statica is a case of going too far when it comes to everything. I wouldn’t worry, she isn’t allowed to harm anyone or automatic disqualification.” Cyrus answers trying to reassure Riley.

Riley nods appreciating the effort to calm her down. Riley then shakes her head trying to have some of the confidence that the rest of us seem to have. I just think that to play the part, confidence is key.

“Okay, I’m ready.” Riley decides.

Riley heads for the arena with an energetic run to show some of that confidence. It may be a show but making one doesn’t say much unless you win this fight. I have faith that Riley can hold her own despite her confidence being a problem. It’s something that takes to time to learn to just have faith in yourself.

“So what do you think then?” Jaden asks.

“She should be fine. I’m not worried.” I answer.

“Well, here comes psycho bitch.” Cyrus says.

I turn my head to see a distant figure. All I can see is a regular girl with fiery red hair which fits considering how everyone seems to call her a psychopath basically. I would say that she doesn’t seem tough but then again, the same could be said for me and something just feels wrong about her. I don’t like this already.

“So that’s Statica?” I ask.

“Yep, in all her red-head glory.” Jaden confirms.

Despite all the things we seem to think about her, there’s still something that tells me we’re in for a surprise this time.

“Does anything about her actually seem off?” I question.

“Nothing apart from her way of thinking.” Cyrus answers.

I should probably take their word for it as they’ve seen her and known her for longer than I have so I can’t really judge. There’s definitely something about her that seems to turn my stomach which is never a good sign.

“Looks like they’re about to start.” Jaden says.

I shake the thought out and see that both Riley and Statica seem to duke it out for lack of a better term. Riley seems to have the upper hand though as Statica just takes hit after hit without much attempt of fighting back. Maybe I did get worked up over nothing.


The fight goes on and Riley keeps on going and going throwing her all into this but Statica doesn’t seem to be too phased by it. I don’t get it. How can Statica keep coming back from what Riley is giving out? Either she feels no pain or she’s waiting for her own time to strike.

“Riley’s won this.” Cyrus says.

I wouldn’t be so sure. Riley starts to pant feeling the fatigue come on and then I see an evil grin light up on Statica’s face. There’s her moment to attack now! Statica was just toying with Riley all along! Statica hits Riley down to the ground harshly and everyone just gasps with the sudden turnaround. Riley gets back up spitting blood out of her mouth not willing to give in.

“This is just going to get worse. She should give in and not be so stubborn.” I say.

“I know. This is gonna get ugly fast. Riley, don’t be an idiot!” Cyrus shouts.

Riley stands up and Statica slowly approaches and grabs Riley by her hair tightly causing Riley to scream in pain while Statica connects her knee with Riley’s face causing blood to run down it. I start to feel sick watching this and disturbed. Why isn’t anyone doing anything?

“That bitch!” Jaden shouts.

Cyrus growls under his breath not being to watch this much longer but while the rest of us can just about manage to keep a grip; he’s on the verge of losing his cool.

“Cyrus, we can’t go out there!” I remind him.

That attempt is way too feeble to stop Cyrus and I can’t stop him from going out there and saving his friend. Cyrus charges out into the arena kicking Statica so hard that she flies out of the arena and Riley stops her pain-filled scream. Jaden and I also head out to the arena to check on Riley.

“Is she okay?” I ask concerned.

Cyrus carries Riley in his arms as she is just covered in scrapes and blood all over. I’m sorry. I should have done something but I was so worried about not getting involved that I let her suffer. This isn’t me. It shouldn’t be me.

“I’ll take her to the hospital ward.” Cyrus decides with a deep seriousness.

Jaden and I both know that nothing will be able to draw Cyrus away from Riley’s side. He heads off carrying the injured Riley in his arms. I take a deep sigh trying to get to grips with this whole thing. Statica gets up but the fight has already been decided anyway. Riley wins by default but it isn’t much of a victory.


“Statica is such a psycho. How could she have done that? She never seemed that strong before.” Jaden repeats still unable to not think about anything else.

“Before...there’s the key word.” I mention still shaken myself.

I don’t blame Jaden for not thinking about anything else as I can’t either. It’s the only thing that seems to be running through my head. I can feel the rage, guilt and every negative emotion running through me like blood. My fists are clenched tightly to the point that when I stop, I can see that my nails have lightly cut into my skin and blood is out which heals quickly afterwards. I only wish that Riley was able to have the same ability.

“Do you think that she’ll be okay?” Jaden asks looking to me for comfort.

I can’t give an actual answer because I don’t even know myself. Why is it that whenever I want pain to stay away, it comes back even stronger? This isn’t fair.

“I hope. It’s all I can do.” I answer not seeing the point in optimism.

“Cyrus won’t leave that room anytime soon. He’s going to kill Statica when he sees her.”

“I would if I were him.”

I look down at where my bloodied palm is and I think of something. What if...? It’s a long shot but maybe...

“What is it?” Jaden asks seeing the hopeful expression on my face.

“I have to say while I can. I know it probably sounds like I’m being a little too hopeful but her goes. I may have a way to bring Riley back from the brink so to speak.”

There’s a dramatic silence when I say that out loud. I hope that I don’t regret this though.

“Are you sure?” Jaden questions wanting me to be right about this.

“I don’t know. It’s a shot in the dark.”

“Better than nothing. So what is it?”

“I need to double-check first. I need to go back to my room for something. I’ll let you know.”

I start to run back to my room thinking that I hope I’m right and also wondering that I’m placing some of my secrets on the line because of Riley. I better know what I’m doing this time round.


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