Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


12. Checkmate

It wasn’t too long after when things really started to pick up again. My story probably seems boring at this point. For me, this is when things really start to get interesting for you hearing this. I grew closer to the life that I had just about managed to build for myself. I wasn’t fooling myself though. Atticus still played a massive part in my mind as I worried about him constantly when I was on my own. I missed my big brother offering advice and just being in my life.


“How long until we get a mission to do?” I ask with a frustrated sigh.

“Depends. Normally, we get one not too long after.” Jaden answers.

“Alona has a point. It’s boring just going through the motions.” Cyrus agrees.

“I don’t know. I’d rather not rush if I have to face another Statica.” Riley says.

Riley isn’t as rattled as she was when she was for lack of a better term, crushed by Statica. She’s moving on from it but it still haunts her often. It doesn’t necessarily compare but I know how she feels to a degree. I’m still haunted by that night at the mansion. It’s what my nightmares all seem to be about. That and wolves bizarrely enough.

“Life is gonna pick up again and I know that we’ll look back on this and be grateful.” Jaden says with an all too familiar knowing tone.

True enough but there’s always that question of once you are used to this way of living: How do you fill the void when it’s gone?

“By the way, have you guys heard about the wolf sighted?” Riley mentions.

I move my head up as an automatic reflex considering everything that is wolf-related seems to be connected to my nightmares recently.

“What wolf?” I ask almost fearful.

“Basically, this wolf was sighted by a couple of passers-by but they couldn’t really see it as it was going lightning fast. Z-Note says that chances are that it’s a Zenomorph which has gotten them in a frenzy so they’re checking out all the small towns. That would be including Mideel.”

Well, that’s inconvenient. If Z-Note comes here, they’ll be looking for anyone new to town over the last couple of weeks and that unfortunately means me. I’ll have to go on the run again if that’s the case. Wait, I can’t. That would definitely confirm that I am a Zenomorph so I’m trapped here. I guess I’ll see what happens but it doesn’t look good.

“When are they coming?” I question with an undetectable nervous tone.

“They aren’t gonna say. That would give any Zenomorph a chance to run.” Cyrus guesses.

“Exactly.” Riley confirms.

Great! Life has gone from normal to disaster city in less than five minutes. Bizarre what can happen in a minute. I rest my head in my hands feeling overwhelmed. This is going to change everything unless by some miracle I manage to get away with this without suspicion.


The sound of motorbikes fills the air. It could be students or graduates taking the vehicles that this school provides for us to use but they don’t exit through the main entrance. I guess that some of the perks that come with being part fiend is having much stronger hearing.

“What’s wrong?” Jaden asks.

“Nothing.” I lie turning my head around to face them.

They’re here already? I’ll be a subject at a Z-Note facility before today is through at this rate. The sound of those motorbikes grows stronger as I hear them approach us here in the quad. Too late to turn back now. All of the others turn around in snap shock whilst I try to not give myself away as I turn around. All the guys on these motorbikes are dressed in an absolute black outfit from the helmet to the biker boots. Slightly intimidating but it’s going to take more than that.

“You four in the main hall!” One guy orders.

We all look at each other actually having that universal thought: ‘Seriously?’. He doesn’t even say anything else but I’m guessing he’s shooting that look on his face even though we can’t see that says ‘Now!’ judging from the fact that we all starting heading there.


Not too long ago, this hall was used for the graduation party which had the air of passion, happiness and probably the definite future nostalgia. Now, all I sense is nerves, fear and the heartbeats of practically everyone. All those guys on motorcycles that had brought us had all taken their helmets off and they all looked different from race, size, gender and looking from ordinary to terrifying.

“We have had rumours of Zenomorphs here in this quaint little town.” A female announces.

Most students here gasp in a shocked tone almost in-sync. I roll my eyes more annoyed that anything else. For all the intimidation they created, I thought they would automatically point me out. Not that I’m complaining but this is somewhat anti-climatic so far.

“Don’t worry. We will determine who the Zenomorph is so they can be recaptured. Let me remind all of you! These creatures are unpredictable, smart and very dangerous!”

We’ve also been victim of what you call science. Being a Zenomorph isn’t a testament to discovery or evolution considering what it seems to be to me. In fact, where would I be without science? I don’t have a concrete answer but all I know is that I certainly be here.

“We’ll question all of you individually as well as taking a blood sample for analysis using our equipment.”

Blood sample? I need to get out of here! I’m going to be caught if I stay here. I’ll be confirming what I am but it is better being on the run than being in a Z-Note lab for the rest of my life.

“I thought it would be more complicated than that.” Jaden says.

“Be grateful if you have nothing to hide. It will be over in no time.” Cyrus replies.

“No need. Zenomorphs are going to be detected now.” I sigh.


Z-Note decided to start with the graduates first because annoyingly Zenomorph age ranges from mid teens to late twenties. I’m amazed that they didn’t cover all the age bases of human life. Riley has already had her test because she just wanted to get it over with. I’m next and I am way too nervous. There’s no way I’ll get away with this! The door to the interview room opens dramatically.

“Alona Hart.” They call.

I let out a defeated breath and head inside the dark room. I can only see my female interrogator sitting on this see-through table. It had to be see-through so any body language giveaways can be seen. No expense spared which is even more inconvenient for me. Well, I might as well be calm considering I’ll be gone by today.

“Sit down.” She orders.

I sit down letting my body become looser as when I do get caught, at least it won’t be right away. A lab technician comes through the room opposite me and the lab white I’m seeing makes me uneasy. Everything that is linked to labs sets my teeth on edge. He takes out a massive needle. He slides the needle into my arm and memories of the injection of fiend DNA entering me back at the mansion rushes through my head. The removal of a vial of my blood feels minor compared to that. I close my eyes as I’ve never liked seeing blood contained. Something about it feels unnatural to me. If blood is open, it seems more expected. I let out a sigh of relief when the needle is removed from my arm and I put my sleeve back down and enjoy seeing the technician leave the room.

“Nervous?” She asks.

“I hate injections.” I answer.

At least I’ll be saying something that’s truthful. It breaks the habit of a recent lifetime.

“Can we get this over with please?” I continue.

“If you insist.”

“I do.”

The sooner this is over, the sooner I can leave. I can’t afford to lose anytime trying to get away from here.

“So when did you start here?”

“I started a few weeks ago. I needed a fresh start.”


“My family were caught in an accident.”

“That’s very tragic. Did your family have any connection to Z-Note?”


I know what that question was supposed to suggest. Technically, the person I was and really am has died along with my father and Atticus. My eyes move down at the thought of them. That happens a lot. More than it should.

“Sorry, it’s still fresh in my mind.” I say not feeling sorry at all.

“Quite alright. So is there no further family?”

“No...Just me.”

“What is your view on Zenomorphs then?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”
“Just answer the question.”

“A mistake made. They shouldn’t exist but they do.”

It isn’t reflecting my exact feelings on the matter but I can’t say that I think Zenomorphs are unjustly being hunted even though we are. I let out a withdrawn moan which she takes notice of. That wasn’t the best decision to make.

“So do you do well in physical activities?”

I remember the tournament and how I easily got through without really breaking a sweat. In hindsight, that was the wrong move to make. If only I knew that this would happen. Who would have guessed that achievement would cause me more trouble?

“Er, the recent tournament.”

“How well did you do?”

“I did alright.”

Understatement but being part-fiend would obviously grant me more strength so saying I sailed through would be suspicious. Lying is something that I have to improve on in future.

“Are you aggressive?”

Against Z-Note only but nothing else minus all the frustration of lying practically every second I’m here.


“Okay. That should be all for now.”

“So I can go now?”


I don’t waste any time in getting out of that room. Now that was intense but I managed to buy the time that I need to get out of Mideel.


My room looks so empty when most of my things have gone back into my rucksack again. It’s so empty. It’s rather sad. I really had started to get used to life here. Wow, nothing really lasts forever.

“Hey.” Jaden says blasting open my door.

You couldn’t knock? I turn around knowing that this is going to look wrong and Jaden isn’t an easy fool. Out of all people, I was hoping it wouldn’t be him that caught me.

“Why is this room so empty?” Jaden realises.

“I haven’t managed to unpack yet.” I lie really badly.

“Weeks later after you started?”

My heart beats faster as I know that I can’t talk my way out of this one. Common sense would tell you that something is wrong with this picture and I can’t say family emergency as he knows that my family is gone.

Every student must come to the main hall immediately. Thank you.”

Time to face the music. I head out of my room knowing what is about to come.



My heart beats like a drum and my mind is coming up with every possible scenario of how my life goes from here. Not many of them seem to end well which is rather discouraging for me.

“The blood tests have yet to finish with everyone but we managed to confirm the one Zenomorph in this vicinity.”

I turn my head to the side knowing that it has to be me that they’re talking about. Please don’t announce it in front of everyone. Jaden is still eyeing me in suspicion trying to work out what I’m hiding. He’ll find out soon enough. I almost feel my feet move forward to accept defeat when this violent shake happens. I fall to the ground feeling dizzy as I hit the floor below. What the hell was that?

“Stay here!” Someone shouts.

Everyone starts talking amongst themselves wondering what the hell has just happened. Whatever it was, it came at great timing. At least the reveal of me is going to be delayed longer even if it is just minutes.


Our headmaster enters the room and anticipated silence is all I can see. He heads up the stairs to the podium with a look of concern on his face. This can’t be good.

“We have just found out that Statica has managed to escape from detainment. That’s what caused the shake. Z-Note has also just confirmed to me that Statica is the Zenomorph found out by the blood tests.”

That makes no sense. Statica can’t be a Zenomorph. All Zenomorphs can sense each other. I would have known ages ago. It explains her ruthless nature in the battle arena and that level of brutality. Is it possible to hide it from your own kind? There’s still so much that I don’t know about Zenomorphs and Dad’s video diary doesn’t mention this. It’s unique for each person but...

“The blood tests have still yet to show if anymore Zenomorphs walk among us which is why they’ll be analysed tonight and the results will be told to me tomorrow morning.”

Wait, tonight. I could destroy my blood sample by then and manage to pull this off. It’s going to be guarded though so I better leave no traces of my little activity down there.


Time for another stealth mission then.


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