Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


5. Back to Verone


Normally now I wouldn’t follow something that clearly sounds like a trap but I was hoping for any sign that Atticus was alive and I still am. He’s family so I look out for him like he would for me but I should have known better than that.

Verone is just the same as before but it’s not the same anymore. I guess everything feels smaller considering how much has happened in just a few days. The facility itself is at the core of the city but that place is guarded tight and I can’t just walk in through the front door and besides, I’ll be a prime target considering who my father is. I guess I’ll have to make it up as I go just like everything else that I seem to be doing right now.


I put my hood up and keep it up tightly and put on a pair of shades so there’s no way of seeing my eye colour or my hair. It’s pathetic but the best I can do on short notice. I climb up the side fence and sneak into the facility through an open window. That’s the easy part done so what now? I go down the stairs as I guess that any prisoners left behind would be downstairs.

These corridors are so narrow which makes it harder to see any guards from the corner view. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy and it’s not any easier knowing how brightly lit this place is so hiding is harder as well. This stuff isn’t as easy as it looks but too late to turn back now.

I keep on going downstairs and one door leads to a really dark hallway and I bring a pocket-flashlight out so I have a vague idea of where I’m going and my heartbeat goes much faster as now I feel completely lost. I take a deep sigh and move forward slowly taking my dagger out along with a handgun that I bought back in the village. There’s not gonna be much need for a dagger so I put it back in the slot at my ankle.

I hear shallow breathing when I do find a light switch, I see mulitple people ranging from different ages in secure cages. What have they done to you? For all these people here, I can’t find Atticus anywhere. A sudden alarm goes off blasting through the entire building. They must know I’m here now!

“Help us.” A young girl whimpers.

I struggle with my conscience as I can’t do anything to help any of them and I can hear raging footsteps coming down the stairs now and then the door blasts open and I start running in the opposite direction to the next door which leads to a flight of stairs heading up.

The guards keep on chasing me as they starting opening fire on me as I keep on running trying to get away and then I see a chopper fly up to where I am and I run down the side hallway avoiding any chance of me getting hit by bullets. I see another door open and jump down the staircase to a dark room and I shoot the main light down to block the path here.

That should buy me time but very little and I charge through the door in the corner but there’s no exit here, it’s just a spare room. I sigh frustrated as I panic about how to get out of this hell hole. I look up and see a vent in the corner, anything is worth a try. I climb up the desk and open the vent and follow it down into a science lab. These places are getting to become a common visitation area. I take a lab coat and take off my hood so I can blend in more despite the white hair being a neon sign of abnormality.

My breath becomes slower as I walk go a corridor leading to a train out of this place to the outside city. Everyone takes notice of me but it’s not very often you see a girl with shock-white hair so I walk faster down the corridor. The train itself is small and I know that if I’m caught there, I will have nowhere to go. God, this is becoming a nightmare. I get on the train just as a guard seems to notice me but the train takes off before he gets on the train to get me.

Well, that went horrifically wrong but I’m not out of the woods yet. Once I’m off here and back in Verone, then I can catch my breath. I head into another section of the train to get rid of this white lab coat and then I can relax a little bit. If Atticus wasn’t there, then where has he gone?


Put it this way. After that whole experience, I learnt to be a bit smarter before charging into a corporation that is hunting me down. Anyway, I managed to leave the city again before anyone caught me but now every nearby town was being checked out for any Zenomorph activity. It made things harder to say the least, as one slip-up really would cost me.

I arrived at Mideel in three days after that which started the next chapter of my adventure as I learnt to be careful while being in plain sight at the same time.


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