Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


9. Back to Routine

Putting myself at the risk of being discovered isn’t something that I do lightly. In future, I would be a lot more rare about being helpful as it seems to be something that could come back to haunt me. My emotions used to dominate me more than logic back in those days but now I try and keep a balance although it fails on occasion.


I work my way through Dad’s reports. There has to be something on the healing qualities of the Zenomorph. I should be able to use that to help others but I’m hoping it comes without cost though. I don’t want to turn Riley. I would rather her injured than subject her to something that is hunted by society.

Seventh report. Zenomorphs advanced healing is rather remarkable. They heal injuries just as fast as they get them. There isn’t much study into this so far but the more severe, the longer it takes to heal. Zenomorph blood has healing qualities so logic is that humans who have it in their system should heal at the same fast rate. Turning into a Zenomorph is risk-free unless blood and blood have direct contact through touch.”

Well, there’s my answer. I find a pocket knife and get a small vial to put my blood in. I take a deep breath and let the blade touch my skin while I moan slightly as the pain surges through my arm until the last drop of blood enters the vial. That wasn’t pleasant but at least it’s over now.


This isn’t my usual situation but nothing in my life is what I would call normal anymore. I run down to the hospital ward and see that Jaden is outside Riley’s room waiting anxiously for me and is relieved when I get here.

“Did you get what Riley needs then?” Jaden asks.

I show him the vial containing my blood inside which is something that I should use to heal anyone. It’s suspicious enough as finding fast cures are rare as not many people have specialities in that area.

“Is that blood?” Jaden asks examining the bottle.

“Alchemists have their own unique things for cures.” I lie thinking of the only reason I could.

“Where did you find an alchemist?”

“Let’s just say I have my own connections.”

I go into the room and see Riley tossing and turning her head holding onto the white bed sheet tightly. Cyrus is standing in the corner of the room keeping a sharp eye on Riley. I wish that I had someone in my life to care that much. It’s pretty sweet.

“Hey.” I say directed at Cyrus.

“So you have the help then?” Cyrus asks not willing to small talk.

I show him the vial of blood and then remove the lid. I just hope that Dad was right about this being risk-free. I raise Riley’s head up a bit so she can swallow this thing faster. I can’t imagine this tasting pleasant. I let the tip of the vial touch her mouth as the red liquid starts to slide down the vial into her mouth. Riley grimaces in displeasure as it shows I’m right about this tasting awful. I smirk a little as I see all of it vanish away in just a few seconds and then I put the vial back in my pocket.

“How long before she’s back to normal then?” Jaden asks.

“Depends on the severity of the injury. I haven’t exactly done this before to have an exact time.” I answer shrugging my shoulders.

Riley then sits straight up like a machine as soon as I say that. I guess Zenomorph blood works wonders faster. Even when he’s dead, Dad is still helping me out which makes me smile a little. Although I’m sure that the others think I’m just relieved that Riley is okay but that isn’t exactly the case. Riley seems to move her hands slowly just in shock of the fact she’s back to normal and then jumps out of the bed.

“That’s unbelievable!” Riley gasps.

You’re not kidding. I thought it would take longer before the effects would kick in. I wonder what is meant by severe then when it comes to injury. I have the feeling that I can survive a lot more now.


The nurse is shocked by Riley’s quick recovery and is quick to discharge her as well. The tournament was cancelled when Riley was taken to the brink by Statica because fighting then seemed no longer appropriate. The nurse did give me a lecture for resorting to the use of ‘alchemy’ which can be unpredictable in most cases. If only she knew...

“I still can’t believe it.” Riley says still in shock of the fact.

“You should thank Alona. She’s the one who gave the stuff that healed you.” Jaden replies.

“It’s no problem.” I respond modestly.

I don’t plan on making a habit of it though. This is risky enough as now the fact that I know ‘alchemy’ is going to put me on the radar now.

“You have got to tell me where you found that stuff. Most alchemists don’t hand out things like that.” Riley continues.

“I have my connections but I’m not allowed to tell you about them for obvious reasons.” I say.

Riley then gets a look of suspicion on her face which makes me nervous as I already know that lying is hard to do here when everyone here has received a lot of training when it comes to lie and truth. I better keep my cool or that will only fuel suspicion which will put me back on the run which is something I hope to avoid for the long run.

“It’s helps to keep sources in the dark so no-one else can use them.” I continue quickly.

“Right. So you know minus the announcement of the winners, we’re graduates.” Cyrus says.

“I don’t know about me though.” Riley adds with a disappointed tone.

“You won by default as Statica did too much damage.”

Speaking of psychopaths, what even happened to her? I’ve never been cleared on what happens when you fail to obey orders directly from the school. It seems to be something that we only question when we know something is the better alternative and they’re more experienced in matters than us.

“So what happens to psycho bitch?” I ask using Cyrus’s quote.

“School jail. It’ll be a while before she’s out of there.” Cyrus confirms unsatisfied.

“Better than nothing.” Jaden replies not wanting Cyrus to get too wound up.

Cyrus nods his head in minor agreement with that statement. He still wants Statica to pay for what she did but I’m satisfied with what punishment she has and my conscience is clear as I helped Riley get back to normal again.

“What’s the plan then?” Cyrus asks changing the subject just as quickly as we get on it.

“There’s nothing to do.” Riley answers with a bored sigh.

“Not until tomorrow anyway.” Jaden says slyly.

“What do you have in mind?” I ask.

“Okay, DiMiera. I’ll go back to the dorm with Riley.” Cyrus sighs with expectance.

“Yeah. See you later, guys.” Riley replies heading in the direction back to the dorm with Cyrus in tow.

“Just us now.” Jaden says with a smile.

Is that supposed to be comforting? I gulp and Jaden reaches his hand out.

As much as my instinct is telling me that I shouldn’t go, I ignore it and place my hand in his and he leads me away from the quad.


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