Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


15. Avalon

Avalon didn’t disappoint my expectations of it. The second that I arrived there, the impression was like a giant library. Avalon is an interesting place as you can really learn so much while you’re there. In my case, it wasn’t book knowledge that I learnt while staying there.


“I don’t get it. Why did you guys choose to come here?” I question wanting to know the logic.

“This place is secluded from Z-Note firstly so that was the main reason and there aren’t many other places to go. We may stand out here but we’re travellers, not many questions are going to be asked.”

“I thought the same about Mideel. That was a mistake.”

“Then don’t repeat the same mistake. You know what to do.”

Change doesn’t come easy and I don’t think it ever will for me. I’m probably still upset about what happened with Jaden but I still have no idea what he did. He might have ratted me out. He doesn’t exactly owe me anything.

“Where are we going exactly in this quaint little town?” I ask.

“The others said that they would be staying in an inn. I don’t if they’re still there though.”
“Might as well find out then.”


Deana and I arrived at the inn and I can tell that this place doesn’t offer much in luxury but just essentials. I’m not normally someone who needs luxury but after a gruelling and dull five day trip to this place on a boat, it would be great to have somewhere more decent to stay. I guess the idea is not to make an even more awareness of not being from here. I dump my rucksack onto my bed in this small room. Compared to the graduate one back at school, everything feels basic in comparison.

“Settled yet?” Deana asks.

“I guess so.” I sigh taking in the place.

“What? Did you expect high end inns or something?”

“Yeah, because being a Zenomorph is known for being so glamorous. I just...I’m still used to Mideel.”

“I told you things wouldn’t get any easier.”

“I know that already. I’m not completely out of my depth anymore.”
“So you say anyway. Come on, it’s time for you to meet the others then.”

I feel a small jump when I hear that. I guess I’m nervous about the meeting. It’s strange considering that I’m going to a place where I don’t have to hide anything but I still feel the need to not give my real name. I think that trust is going to come hard to people that have turned into Zenomorphs and I’m linked to someone who was associated with that. Some things are better left alone.


I enter Deana’s room and see a mixture and males and females ranging from different ages and sizes. The girls must be from mid-twenties and the youngest being around my age at sixteen. They’re relatively the average size for a girl but some looked weaker than others. The guys on the other hand were all different when it comes to appearance, they ranged from looking extremely tough and strong, normal and then meek. They have the same age range as the girls though. Some of them don’t know what to make of me; others seem to be judging a book by its cover. I know that I just look like a typical blonde teenager but I’m not all I seem to be.

“This is Alona Hart.” Deana introduces.

“So this is the ‘maybe new recruit’ you’ve been talking about.” One guy says.

“She doesn’t seem so great.” Another comments.

“Well, neither do some of you to be honest. You don’t see me judging you.” I respond.

“She can be snappy on occasion. You’ll get used to it.” Deana says.

Deana gave the details individually and to basically sum them up, they were all Zenomorphs that wanted revenge. If anything, that was the one thing that I could understand with this group.


The six guys are: Christian, Damien, Nico, Duncan, Noah and Joey. Some of them do come across as loners to me partially Damien who didn’t seem to say much. Christian is another one but he seems cooler rather than being just a loner. Joey left me with the impression of someone who acts and doesn’t think clearly first. All of the others I can’t really read into yet but I guess I’ll find out.


As for the girls minus Deana and I are: Paige, Aria, Rebecca and Bailey. Paige comes across as someone who doesn’t care for the appearance side and by that, I mean she doesn’t dress herself up much. Aria is for me appears to be abstract but I’m not completely sure about that. Rebecca is one from the high-end way of life and I wonder why Z-Note was interested in her, I thought they would go after people who wouldn’t likely be missed. Bailey is another one where I can’t guess what she is about.


“What are you even planning on doing? We’re hunted by Z-Note and by the world. It’s not like people are going to believe our story. They don’t even know the truth behind it.” I say.

“Taking them down seems to be the most obvious option.” Joey replies.

“They’ll expect that though. Besides most of the world is influenced by Z-Note. It won’t be that easy.” Damien says.

“We could be clever and try to bring them apart from the inside.” Aria mentions.

“How? We’re not exactly what I call subtle.” Nico comments.

“They won’t recognise all of us Zenomorphs.” Bailey points out.

I remember the interrogation that I had back in Mideel. They know what to expect from Zenomorph and they know how to find out for sure that we are Zenomorphs.

“That won’t work. Z-Note has their blood tests now to confirm whether people are human or Zenomorph. I should know they did that in Mideel when I was there. It’s why I had to leave.”

“I still say that we should just take them down. It would stop them for good.” Joey repeats.

“It would but we wouldn’t look like we should be trusted. So even if Z-Note is taken down be force by us, society will still consider us a threat and for good reason. We need to be cleverer than that.” Christian says.

“Why don’t we just find evidence that Z-Note is the threat then?” Noah suggests simply.

I remember my dad’s reports but that would mean revealing me as the enemy in a sense. If that is used then it would take down Z-Note and prove our story true but because of my family association with Zenomorphs, it could be assumed that both my brother and I knew about it. It would be a battle of words but I think the evidence would be against me on that account. I could be over thinking things but I don’t know if I can take that risk.

“It would have to be rather strong.” I respond.

“Only Z-Note facilities have strong evidence of illegal experimentation. We would have to break into one and manage to get out without being caught.” Paige says.

“Sounds simple enough.” Joey agrees.

“Do you ever use that brain of yours? We would have to break into a highly secure facility with all sorts of measures to catch us to get what we need.” Noah sighs.

“We’ll never get anything done playing guessing games.”

“True enough but a concrete plan means getting what we need.” Christian replies.


Overall, we deliberated for the majority of the day about we should and shouldn’t do and we didn’t get very far. I lock my room door behind me feeling even more lost than when I started this whole thing. I look at my rucksack remembering those reports in there. I take out the small case containing those discs. What am I going to do with these? I can’t just get rid of them and I can’t really use them either. This whole group aren’t what I would call easy to fool and I know that I’m still in the red when it comes to them. They aren’t going to take what I say at knowledge value. I think things were easier when I was living in Mideel. I put the case under my bed still unsure about what to do with them. There’s so much research into Zenomorphs contained in those discs which I know I will need for the future. This is so frustrating! I collapse on my bed feeling the strong urge to just scream. I need to sleep.


Let’s just say that pressure isn’t something I like just like everyone else, I suppose. There are some moments where I know that I can help but because of self-preservation, I choose not to. It’s selfish but everyone at times, I think there are times where it can’t be helped so it’s something I won’t apologise for.


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