Alona Hart is a seventeen year old girl clouded in mystery. Even her real name is unknown. Her journey has been tough and long and now she is finally ready to tell everything that has happened in her fight against corporation Z-Note


3. Aftermath


It’s true that the worst things in life come free to us. I was unable to even comprehend where my life would go from there as I had no choice but to just keep on moving forward as looking back felt like it would destroy me and it still feels like that.

I start to recover and all I see is black feathers flying all around the main hall and then I see the source of it coming from a massive opening in the roof. Atticus must have got out! Where did he go though?

Dad and I just about able to see clearly again and I shake my head trying to get rid of the concussion I probably had. We need to find him though and then the whole roof starts to break as all these soldiers burst through. They have found us! They look at us ready for a fight but I just hope I can manage this.

“Here we go!” I say.

One soldier approaches me feeling cocky as I don’t look like much of a fighter and I respond by knocking him to the ground which catches them all by surprise. More come towards me but I knock another to the ground and then another one jumps in the air trying to gain an advantage but then I grab his ankle and send him flying into a pile of soldiers. More soldiers come through the roof and I can’t handle them all.

“Come on!” Dad shouts rushing me up the stairs.

We have nowhere to go and I see one soldier take a bomb out while all the others rush out of the mansion the second they see it but we can’t reach the entrance in time to save ourselves.

“I’m sorry!” Dad says throwing me out of the window and outside the mansion.

The glass hits my face slightly so I cover my face with my hands to prevent some damage but then an explosion occurs which makes for a rough landing. I land on the ground covered with scrapes and cuts even if they are small. Damn it! Why did he have to be a hero? Dad...

In just one brief moment, my family was lost forever.

Lightning roars in the background and torrential rain pours as I walk expressionless through the storm. Where am I supposed to go? Who am I supposed to turn to? Atticus is gone God knows where and Dad is...I’m really on my own now.

I could think more clearly the next day but there was this massive hole in my heart as I knew that there was no chance of things going back to the way they were. Knowing what I know now, things weren’t going to get any easier either.


One whole night sleeping on the ground in the forest isn’t how I planned to spend the night. I guess the logical thing would be to leave town but where am I supposed to go? This city is massive so spotting me would be hard but the nearest towns are days away and hitching a ride would be hard with lookouts probably for the next few days just to make sure that my family and myself are really dead. I should get some stuff from home first though as if there are any places where they won’t be guarding in broad daylight will be that house. It’s too suspicious and draws too much attention to them.

I open the gate and see my former home and even though yesterday I was living there, it’s like a scattered memory for me now. I take a deep breath and walk into the house. I gasp mildly in shock as the whole has been completely torn apart like a tornado had hit this place. There’s no sign of life or anything which scares me considering this looked like a home not too long ago. I can only hear the noise of my footsteps and nothing else and the creaking of the floorboards as I head up the stairs to my room. Even my room is different...the whole room has been ripped apart as well like the rest of the place and the first thing I realise is the family photo of Atticus, Dad, Mom and I in simpler times. I feel a tear run down my face as I remember that they’re all gone. Where are you, Atticus?

Dad’s room used to be this room that would give such an artificial feel which would always make me avoid going in there. The room now is just desolate and everything feels like it’s really starting to hit me. I look in my Dad’s closet and remove one of the floorboards which reveals a black case containing Dad’s video diary which he keeps certain parts on separate discs. I sigh deeply thinking that this is all that proves of my father’s existence now along with me and my brother. I put the case into my large backpack with everything else of necessary need to take with me.

The last I check is my brother’s room and sadly everything is just the way he left it. I was hoping even though it wasn’t very likely that he had come here sometime during last night. There’s nothing here that’s gonna need to be taken with me minus any photos of us. Wherever Atticus is, he’s gotta be alive. I’ll keep hope; it’s the only way I’ll make it through any of this.


Now I think I can barely remember a time when we were all together but then I always do.

After saying my final goodbye to my former home and my former life. I can only imagine how it must look to everyone else who knew me and it must be like I’ve just suddenly disappeared just overnight. I guess it goes to show that you never know when everything’s about to change.

Where am I going to go though? That’s still one thing that eludes me. The biggest town from this place is Mideel which is fine but it’s still a while before I can get there. It has to be a couple of days walk from here if nothing comes up and I doubt it will be that simple with the need to be a lot more careful now. I can’t afford any slip-ups or I’ll be right where Dad said I would be: A trial subject.

Verone. I lived there for a while up until that point. I loved it there. I was really settled there and I felt safe which was a rare feeling after what happened to my mother. I hated leaving and it’s still something I hate to do especially when I have decent memories of something.

This city is huge but it is split into different areas to go. There would be one area for shopping which I call the Acess which I shortened from accessory as that’s where I would find all the stores I would go to. Other places would be the sandpit which is just one massive square where all entertainment events would be and there is the train station tower where the trains would take you to the other part of the city which has the beach. The one place where I would hang out is a back alley when I needed a break from life in general and no-one really goes there unless they found it by mistake or curiosity. There’s also the woods which leads to an empty mansion where no-one goes to as the place is supposed to be haunted.

At the exit of town, I look back once and say my silent goodbye to it and everything that I would be leaving behind. I never had this issue the last time as my family was secluded before so leaving was much easier. I prevent myself from crying again as I know that when I start to cry, I won’t be able to stop myself and so I walk forward to hopefully better pastures.

Outside of Verone is just a massive field and various paths lead to different places such as a small village not too far from here so I should probably stay there if I want a comfortable night. It will be the last one for a while. It’s better than sleeping on the ground again.

Raven Lake. This village is mainly visited during the spring when people want to stay by the lake with the village serving as a pit stop for anything you would need for a night. It’s a quiet place but it was strange to get visitors when I went there so it wasn’t the best idea to go there.

I grabbed a room at the inn so I put a really heavy backpack away and explore the village a bit more. There’s not much here but a couple of stores to buy various things such as accessories and weapons needed for the journey ahead. It’s literally the only time I’ll be able to buy anything.

This weapon store isn’t very big but it consists of various weapons such as crossbows, daggers, handguns, gunblades and normal swords or any other weapon that I could imagine. I’m not an expert in weaponry but I know the basics as certain things I learnt in the limited time of my ideal normalcy. The guy running this place has his eyes on me like I’m about to steal the whole place which makes me avoid contact. He doesn’t look friendly either and more terrifying with the stone-like face and massive muscles with eyes that look like he glares constantly.

“A girl like you needs a weapon, huh?” He says which catches me off-guard.

I nod my head lightly in confirmation and he laughs a little to himself.

“What a strange world we live in. So what are you looking for exactly, stranger?”

“I’m not really sure. It’s not like I do this every day.”

“A beginner?” He guesses then turns to his stock. “Well, then I would recommend you something small to start off with so stick with a dagger or handgun. Take your pick.”

This isn’t my ideal conversation so I’ll just take him at his word. My eyes keep on focusing on the dagger which doesn’t take much skill to use and I think a normal sword would require learning a whole bunch of skills to use it properly and I haven’t got the patience for it right now. I grab the small dagger and it’s shaped like a crescent moon weirdly which I like and I swing it around quite playfully.

“Can you be careful with that? One hit and that will cause a lot of damage.”

Good enough for me then.

“How much then?” I ask.

“Around three hundred. It’s a fair price for something like that.”



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