Danger Line

This story is about a married man named Matthew Sullivan who has 2 kids (3 and 4) and is married to a beautiful woman named Kimberley. He has spent 6 months in training in the army and has been transported to Afghan. He was doing his duty and following orders when they were attacked. Read to find out more...


1. Training

12:00 pm on 22nd of October 2010. Training was hard this time of year. Cold, wet, dull. The soldiers in training were finding it very hard because of the cold and heavy rain. Matthew was finding it hard but so were his friends, James and Brian. Afghan would be the complete opposite to South Wales where they were training. Sgt Parker was being very hard on the soldiers. Shouting and forcing them to push themselves mentally and physically. Matt found the physical work easy with no challenge but he was no leader. He couldn't coordinate a team on his own. That's Brian's job. Matt and Brian together would make a brilliant team leader and with the maths skills of James, you've got one hell of a leader! James was in between Mentally and physically well strong. Though they are good men, they had a lot of work to do. 

Six months later and they had worked there butts off for this night. The night they found out who was going to Afghan. The Sargent who had taken care of them for these long six months stood up in front of 200 men who had all worked very well for this night. He pulled out an envelope from his suit pocket and opened it up. A large list of names were on the paper. If the person was going to Afghan their names were highlighted yellow and the those who were staying home were highlighted red. Did Matt get through?

Sargent Parker read the names of the men who weren't staying home. Brian, James and Matt were upon the fifty who were going. A bomb of emotions filled Matt's head. Was it good that he was going to Afghan to fight? What will his wife and kids say? These questions ran through his boggled mind. He decided that he wasn't going to drop out and he would work well under the management of Sargent Brian Haner. His best friend was now going to lead him through his tough journey overseas.




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