Danger Line

This story is about a married man named Matthew Sullivan who has 2 kids (3 and 4) and is married to a beautiful woman named Kimberley. He has spent 6 months in training in the army and has been transported to Afghan. He was doing his duty and following orders when they were attacked. Read to find out more...


2. The News

It was time to give the news to the family. What would they say? Would they be proud of their soldier or would they be mad? Matt had to tell them all. He wanted to tell them at a family gathering so they all found out at the same time.

Matt spent around a week organizing a family gathering. There would be food, drinks, music and the news. Matt's wife, Kimberley, knew that he was organizing it but she thought it was just for fun. Valerie made all the invites for it which had little pictures and fancy writing on and Matt booked the venue for it which would be a large hall in a country house near to where he had been training. Soon enough the invites were back and luckily everyone was able to go. 

At the gathering he had let everyone get settled, get a bite to eat and a drink and let them talk for while. After around 30 mins people were asking why they had to come to it so Matt bravely took the stand, picked up the microphone and said "Family. Friends. Im glad you could all make it here tonight. I have some very important news to tell you all." People started wondering what was going on. Ha carried on to say "I have spent 6 months in training in the army which has made me physically and mentally stronger. The other week i had a meeting with around 200 men who also went training and Sgt Parker read out a list of men that were going to Afghan. I was one of the men. 

The whole atmosphere changed. People's jaws dropped and a few started crying while others stood and clapped. Matt had never felt this way before. His mother and father walked up to him and congratulated him on his accomplishment. His mother started crying and she hugged him that hard that he couldn't breathe for a second. His father gave him a hug, shook his hand and saluted him. He was very proud of his son. The whole family was proud of Matt and so were his friends. 

When everyone had left and he had talked to all 300 people he drove home, sat down on the sofa and relaxed. It was the only chance he had because in 2 weeks he would be on a plane to the frontline.

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