The love we could've lost

What happens when Zayn Malik could be in love with his bestfriend Aly and another guy could try to come between them? Will zayn finally tell Aly how he feels about her? Or will it be too late? Will Aly finally tell zayn that she's been inlove with him for awhile? Or will she just try to move on when she thinks Zayn will never like her?
This is my first fan fiction so please no hate. Xxx


5. Telling the truth and the past

*alys P.O.V* I sat next to Niall on the couch I was still shocked on what had just happened. I can't believe he tried to find me! Niall looked at me "everything's gonna be okay we won't let him get you!" He said "yeah! If he tries to take you away again I'm gonna fight for you!" Harry said then stood on the couch and put his hands on his waist like he was a superhero. Louis pulled him back down on the couch."Harry you're not a superhero!" Louis said. I laughed "thanks guys haha" "Aly your food!" I heard Zayn yell "coming!" I yelled then got up and ran to Zayn "looks good" I said then smiled, he laughed "sit down and eat." He said then walked to the boys on the couch. I looked at him as he walked away then started eating.
*zayns P.O.V* I looked back at Aly I need to tell her but I just can't what if she doesn't like me back!? "Mate you gotta tell her soon!" Liam said in a whisper "yeah before someone else tries to get her!" Harry whispered too "if u don't tell her soon it will probably be too late and we can't let that happen!" Niall whispered "guys I know but what if-" I whispered then Louis cut me off "what if she doesn't like you? Mate you won't know but if you don't say anything quick you will lose your chance!" He whispered. "What you guys whispering about?" Aly said standing over me. We all jumped. She laughed, "I scare you guys? Haha" she said. "No, nothing can scare me! I'm Niall!" "Yeah sure Niall!" I said. All the boys looked at me and nodded "well I'm off to bed!" Louis said "me too" Liam said "yeah me too!" Niall said "me too!" Harry said "Harry I would have thought you would stay late!" Aly said "I'm tired" Harry said "lamo!" Aly said Harry just laughed and went up stairs "so I guess it's just me and you." Aly said and smiled "actually I'm-" then my phone rang it was text from Louis "STAY DOWN THERE AND TRY TO TELL HER-Louis" I looked at the text and then looked up. "Is everything okay?" Aly asked "yeah everything's fine. Wait you know what everything's not fine." I said I can't believe I was about to tell her "what's wrong?" She said "listen Aly I need to tell you something. I have to let it off my chest okay?" "Okay."she said "Aly I-" then her phone rang "hold on Zayn" she got up to answer her call
*alys P.O.V* "hello?"I said "hey Aly, it's Austin" he said "oh hey Austin! What's up?" "Nothing much, hey I kinda wanted to ask you if maybe you wanted to go out with me?"he said I couldn't believe he asked me that I liked him yeah but that was before I started liking Zayn "I'm sorry Austin I kinda like somebody else I'm sorry" I said "oh, it's okay I guess we'll I gotta go!" He said then hung up. I walked back over to Zayn "sorry what were you gonna say?" I said "it's okay and I was gonna say, Aly I need to tell you this now okay? Aly I love you! And not like the best friend love I mean I really do love you." He said I was so shocked he actually felt the same way! "Zayn I have to tell you something too. I love you too." I said "you do?" "Yeah" I smiled "YES!!!!!" We heard the boys yell "NIALL LIAM LOUIS AND HARRY REALLY!!!!" Zayn yelled I laughed "ALY AND ZAYN FINALLY Y'ALL TELL EACH OTHER!!!" Harry said "IT TOOK Y'ALL LONG ENOUGH!" Louis said "WE HAVE BEEN WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING!" Niall said "yeah you don't know how long we have been sitting here just waiting and waiting and waiting and-" Liam said "WE GET IT!" Me and Zayn said we looked at each other and smiled and kissed.
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