The love we could've lost

What happens when Zayn Malik could be in love with his bestfriend Aly and another guy could try to come between them? Will zayn finally tell Aly how he feels about her? Or will it be too late? Will Aly finally tell zayn that she's been inlove with him for awhile? Or will she just try to move on when she thinks Zayn will never like her?
This is my first fan fiction so please no hate. Xxx


3. Running away and memories

*Alys P.O.V* I got home and went straight to my room and ran to my bed and just laid there for a couple minutes on my back and just thought about everything. Ten I jumped back up off my bed and paced back infroth in my room. "I can't do this! I can't fall for him or fall in love with him!" I said to myself. "Cause if I do and he doesn't like me then ill be crushed! Wait! I can ask Niall, Liam, Harry, or Louis if he likes me! Why didn't I think of this before?! But I can't ask them now he's with them and he'll see or hear! Ugh! Ill come up with something!" I said then someone started knocking on my door. It was my stepdad, I opened the door and he was crying. "Your mothers gone, she was in a car accident." I was shocked and just started crying. He wiped away his tears and looked at me and said "where were u?!" "With Zayn and some other friends" I said. He slapped me. " I told you to be home before your curfew!!" He said "I was, I got home 30 minutes before my curfew." I said,"don't talk back to me young lady!" Then he slapped me so hard I fell on the floor.

*Zayns P.O.V* I was hanging out with the boys and we were bowling. I was winning so far Harry was close behind but I'm not really worried about that I'm worries about Aly. She hasn't called and its been an hour she doesn't live that far away I hope she's okay. Maybe I should call, I called Aly and went straight to voicemail. That's not like her, something must be up.

*alys P.O.V* i was still on the ground, my step dad left me there. I knew this wasn't gonna be the end of him hitting me it wasn't the first he did it alot when my mom wasn't home. I had to get out of here, I packed up my stuff as fast as I could I grabbed my phone, and my keys. I opened my window and climbed out and ran to my car I threw my bags in the car got in and drove as fast as I could. I went to a place he would never find me I had to drive like 20 minutes from my house and I'm not goin back I got the park it was the place me and Zayn first met I sat on the swings. I remember when I met Zayn *12 years ago* I was sitting on the swing when Zayn walked over "hi, can I sit on the swing next to you?" He said "sure!" I said he sat down and looked at me "I'm Zayn!whats your name?" He said with a smile. "I'm Aly! Nice to meet you Zayn!" I said and smiled "you too! Hey, you wanna play tag?" "I'd love too" we got up and started playing 20 minutes later "okay Aly, you win this time! Your really nice!" He said with a smile "you are too! And ur really funny!" I said with a smile "you wanna be best friends Aly?" He said "sure Zayn!" I said then we hugged. *present* I smiled to myself just thinking about that. *zayns P.O.V* I haven't heard anything from Aly, I'm really worried! "Come on mate! You won let's go!" Harry said "yeah, let's go back to the house!" Said Louis "can we get snacks first?" Niall said. "Y'all go get some snack and ill meet y'all back at the house I'm gonna go and call Aly!"I said "someone's in love!!!" Liam said then they all smiled "shut up! Ill see y'all at home!" I said then left I started driving towards my house when I saw someone at the park sitting on the swings. I parked in front if the park then got out and started walking towards the girl. It was Aly! "Aly?! What are you doing out here this late?!" And I sat on the swing next to her. "My step dad, he beat me when I got home. So I ran away." She said. I never liked her stepdad he was just rude and he looked like he would abuse Aly! Which I was right but I should have helped her sooner! "I'm so sorry, why don't you stay with me and the boys house?" I said "no Zayn, I can't just go in your house and-" I had to cut her off. "No Aly, I'm not letting you go back to your house and I want you to be safe!" I said "zayn you don't have too" "no but I want too" I said and smiled the. I got up "come on" she just looked at the ground and didnt move. She looked the exact same way when I first met her I smiled of that thought "come on Aly" I said she looked at me and finally got up and we walked to the cars and got in and drove to my house. We got in the drive way we walked away and I showed her around the whole house and we stopped at my room. "Wow, you haven't changed at all haha" she said "haha, yeah you can stay in her tonight with me if that's okay" "yeah that's fine." She did then sat on the bed "comfy?" I said "very, thank you Zayn" she said "you're welcome" I said she smiled I smiled back, ilived the way she smiled she was so perfect but I couldn't tell her that.
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