The love we could've lost

What happens when Zayn Malik could be in love with his bestfriend Aly and another guy could try to come between them? Will zayn finally tell Aly how he feels about her? Or will it be too late? Will Aly finally tell zayn that she's been inlove with him for awhile? Or will she just try to move on when she thinks Zayn will never like her?
This is my first fan fiction so please no hate. Xxx


4. Hiding forever?

*Aly's P.O.V* I was sitting here on zayn's bed and I saw him smile I loved his smile my world would light up when I saw it. "You hungry?" Zayn said "yeah just alittle" I said "come on!" He said and we walked downstairs as soon as we got down there the door opened, it was the boys "I GOT FOOD!!!!!" Niall said with a huge smile. "I think me and Liam should play jenga! Ill so beat you!" Harry said. "Oh really?" Liam said, Harry nodded "IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!" Liam said then they both looked at each other and ran to the couch and pulled out jenga. "Are they always like this?" I said then laughed "all the time" Louis said "Aly, your staying here tonight?" Niall said "yeah, Zayn's letting me stay for awhile." Louis and Niall looked at Zayn "Aly! Can you bring me a soda from the fridge??" Harry said "me too please?" Liam said I grabbed two sodas from the fridge and brought it to the boys. "I would so beat you both at that game!" I said "is this a challenge your asking for?" Liam said, Harry looked at me "oh yes! I'll be right back!" I walked back over to Zayn, Niall, and Louis they were talking and Zayn looked at me and smiled "you still want your food?" He said "of course!" I said he smiled and started to make me and him food. Then someone started banging on the door Niall went to the door and opened it, it was my step dad! "WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS ALY!?" He said Zayn heard him and took my hand and took me to the bathroom "stay here!" Zayn said then closed the door. *Zayn's P.O.V* I can't believe he tired to find her I'm not letting her get hurt! I went back to where they were he was still here "I don't know who that is." Niall said "THEN WHERE IS ZAYN!!!!" Her step dad said "hi mr.martinez!" I said "don't hi me!! Where is Aly?! I know u know where she is! Now where is she!!!" He said " I have no idea. I haven't heard anything from her." I said the boys looked at me and her step dad they knew this was bad. "Listen here Zayn, I can't have you trying to hide my daughter from me!!!" He said "I don't know where she is! Okay I don't!" I said "if I find out you have her here you better run Malik!" He said then left. I ran to the bathroom "he's gone" I said she came out and hugged me "I don't want him to find me Zayn I don't!" She said "I know, I'm not gonna let him find you either! Now come on let's go get you something to eat" I said then we walked to the kitchen. She had a look on her face she was scared. I'm not letting him touch her, if its the last thing I do!
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