The love we could've lost

What happens when Zayn Malik could be in love with his bestfriend Aly and another guy could try to come between them? Will zayn finally tell Aly how he feels about her? Or will it be too late? Will Aly finally tell zayn that she's been inlove with him for awhile? Or will she just try to move on when she thinks Zayn will never like her?
This is my first fan fiction so please no hate. Xxx


2. Hanging out with the boys

*Alys P.O.V* so I was meeting all these guys in an hour, I don't want to seem like I'm flirting with any of them. So I just put on a dress, some flats, I did my makeup, and curled my hair. After half an hour of doing everything to get ready I finally got in my car and drove to red lobster. I drove in the parking lot and outside the restaurant doors was Zayn, when he saw my car he ran to it and opened the door for me. " hey Aly, wow don't you look pretty." He said "shut up Zayn don't lie to me." I said "okay fine, but hey have it your way!" He said then smiled. We walked in and I saw a table with 4 boys sitting there they all turned around and smiled. "Who's this Zayn?" Said 1 of the boys. "Guys this is Aly. Aly this is Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam." He said. "Aly, you can sit next to me!" Harry said with a wink. "Harry, can I talk to you?" Zayn said. "Okay."Harry said then walked away with Zayn. I was confused but I just say in the chair next to the one Zayn was sitting in. A couple seconds later Harry and Zayn came back and sat where they were sitting before, "is everything okay?" I asked Zayn. "Yeah, everything's fine I was just asking Harry what he thinks I should get." He said. I looked at Harry and he just nodded, "yeah, and I told him he should get lobster." Harry said. 2 hours passed by and as much as it sucks my curfew was in an hour so I had to get home as fast as I could. All the boys except Zayn gave me their numbers and then me and Zayn left the restaurant and he walked me to my car. "I had fun Zayn thanks!" I said then smiled. "Yeah me too, hey we should do it again tommorow?" He said with a smile "yeah, sounds like fun. Ill call you when I get home." I said "okay, I'll be with the boys but ill answer!" He said with a smile then he stepped away from my car and went back with the boys. I pulled out and started driving home "As Long As You Love Me" came on the radio I loved that song, when I was listening to it all I could pretty much think about was Zayn. Wait I'm staring to catch feelings for Zayn?
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