The love we could've lost

What happens when Zayn Malik could be in love with his bestfriend Aly and another guy could try to come between them? Will zayn finally tell Aly how he feels about her? Or will it be too late? Will Aly finally tell zayn that she's been inlove with him for awhile? Or will she just try to move on when she thinks Zayn will never like her?
This is my first fan fiction so please no hate. Xxx


6. Beach

*Aly's P.O.V* After me and Zayn kissed i opened my eyes and saw Zayn smiling at me i couldn't help but smile back "if you guys are done now i think we should all go to sleep!" Louis said "yeah that way we can go to the beach tommorow it will be fun. now go to bed!!" Niall said. me and Zayn just laughed and went upstairs changed in our PJ's and went to bed. *The Next Day* "EVERYBODY WAKE UP SO WE CAN GO TO THE BEACH!!!" Niall said running down the halls. i sat up in bed looked over at zayn and he wasn't up even up though Niall yelling and screaming down the halls. "zayn, sweetie!!!! wake up!!!" i moved him around and he finally opened his eyes and looked at me "oh good your up" he looked at me and smiled "whats up?" he said. "you might wanna get up before Niall starts running up and down the halls again screaming LETS GO TO THE BEACH GET READY!!!" i said "haha okay lets get ready!" we got ready and we got about 3 cars to carry all the stuff  and went to the beach it took about an hour of me watching Louis, Zayn,and Harry  dancing of course Louis was. Liam and Louis brought surf boards for all of us and harry keeps saying "I'm not surfing! I'm not surfing!" "come on harry if you surf then i will too." i said hopefully he will but if he doesn't that's fine too cause i don't know how to surf either. "I'm not surfing at all!" zayn said. He's doesn't surf he's not even gonna get in the water he doesn't like water cause he cant i knew that when we were about 5 at my birthday party. We finally got to the beach and the first thing we did was set up all of the chairs and everything to put for us to relax and stuff like that. I stayed with Zayn since all the boys went into the water and i didn't wanna leave him by himself. "This is fun I'm having a really good time." i said and smiled. "yeah me to I'm glad your here." we were about to kiss when Niall came with a bucket and threw water at us, "NIALL!!!" zayn said chasing after him while the other boys were standing by the shore laughing. Zayn was still chasing Niall for about 5 minutes then they were both tired s they just laid on the beach. *20 minutes later* me and the boys except zayn were playing in the water, i looked back to see how zayn was doing and he wasn't there. "where is zayn?" i said, all the boys looked around for him."he probably went to the bathroom to fix his hair." Louis said, all the boys nodded. *5 minutes later* "guys im gonna go sit on the beach." i said "okay!" all the boys said. I laid on the  beach towel and closed my eyes when all the sudden i felt someone touch me i jumped and it was zayn. "did i scare you?" he said  "YES!! but its okay."i said "come here i wanna show you something" he put his hands over me eyes and walked us away from where the boys were. Then he finally moved his hands away from my eyes and in the sand it "Zayn + Aly= together forever!<3 Love you Boo:)", "you like it?" zayn said "no.. I love it thank you" i said then kissed him, it was getting dark so all the boys made a fire and niall was playing the guitar all of us sitting by the fire. everyone was sitting down but me i was laying on zayn, this night was just perfect...

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