2. The day it happened

I woke up at 10:30 in the morning ready to go out and buy some brand new clothes with the money i got of my boyfriend on my birthday last week. It was time for breakfast at 11:00 so i went down after coming round to find a plate of pancakes with amazing maple syrup on it but it had a little note standing on it saying be ready for today because your going to need your reactions. 

This note was a little bit creepy but i thought it was just a creepy note off my mum or friends or summet because it was getting close to Halloween and we had started to play practical jokes on one another like 3 days ago i took my little brother spider and i put it on Sophie's face when she was sleeping and she woke up with it on so its most likely just some one trying to mess about. 

It was a night mare trying to pick which dress to wear because i wanted to look nice with the girls so i had to choose either my tight short dress or my loose baggy one it was a hard decision because i love both of them but i decide to choose the tight one because it makes me look older and hopefully get a beer or two of a guy at a bar. 

Wow taxi's cost alot of money these's days cost me nealy £30 just to get a taxi to sophies house thank goodness it was my mum paying and not me i would of cried if i had to pay because it would of wasted good money i could of spent on a dress. 

Me and sophie decide to walk to the mall but there is 3 wierd people following us in the car its creepy but i dont think its anything so it doesnt matter to me but thats what i thought!

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