Me and Zayn from the studio

Me and My girls in little mix was at the studio in the middle of London and then zany and Niall came along and after that, it's getting hotter and hotter! Me and some others had a really good smush time! Reed!


1. Me and the girls at the studio

Me and the girls were having a break at the studio and then I can see zayn and Niall walking in. I was so happy to see Zayn but I didn't yell. Hi came in front of me and kissies me slowly on the mouth. I said "why are you here baby", he said "oh baby, I can't stand without you! Just need you!". Then he drag me in to the bathroom (the big one) and I said "what are you doing?! I'm working?!" And he said "oh Perrie, come on! Come with me just for a minute!" So I did!
When we were in the bathroom he kissed me on the neck and whispering "sweet" and sexy things in my ear. I said "are you that horny?" he said "yeah baby, oh, Perrie, suck me!". He slowly goes in under my tight dress and up under my sexy panties. I took my hand In under his pants and open his pants and I starting to suck his dick. "Yeah, baby, oh, oh, ooooh BABY!" he said and took his right hand in to my va-gg and his other hand was under my shirt at my boobs. "Oh, oh Zayn baby!" I said cuz I couldn't stand it! He kissed my lips slowly and his tounge was massage mine slow and sexy. I thought it was so nice that I massage his penis. He really liked it cuz he really showed it to!
"Oh Zayn baby, sorry but I'm working, uhm, baby, uhm, can we do this, uhm, at home?!" I said. I couldn't talk cuz it was that nice. I was so horny now.
"Baby, ofc I understand, and now you know what to look forward to!" He said an gave me an normal kiss I'm my lips. He walked out first and I did go out right after but just checking my self quick first. I drags down my dress and fixes my makeup and goes out. Niall were right there and he was just looking at me like he knows everything. I thought for one second that he did. Then I wink bye to Zayn and Niall.
I was so happy end really looked forward to me and Zayns meeting later today.
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