And the Sun Rose

Katelyn(Katie) and Timothy are adopted into a family that is poor, lives in a rainforest, makes them work hard, and does not care about them. Katie doesn't believe anything good could ever happen to her, until she is introduced to Timothy's best friend... From then on she didn't think anything bad could happen to her, until one creepy man showed up...


1. My Secret Place

There is a warm steady breeze as I sit here on the edge of my cliff. I look over the tree tops of the dark green rainforest that I call home, and stare at the flowers nestled beside me. I hold my breath and try to forget about my past. I close my eyes, wondering what will come next. I had heard about a town very far away that has big metal buildings that line every paved street, and have no trees for miles. The only produce those people eat has to be shipped in by noisy metal boxes. As I sit on the ledge I ponder how lucky I am that I could pick my own fruit whenever I pleased, and how lucky I am that the only buildings I see are small and have no chance of growing taller than any of the trees here. It is still early this morning. I know my village would not be hustling about just yet.

Timothy knows I am here. That’s all that matters. My big brother has always looked after me and kept my secrets, even in the most desperate of times. Our “parents” didn’t care where we went or if we got hurt. They only cared if we were both back in time to start the long days and get to work packaging peanuts, and jarring jam, and peeling potatoes for more packaging. I can say that the people in that town very far away are only lucky for one reason, they get the weekends off.

Our real parents died when I was about five years old. Timothy was seven then. Ever since that day when the raids came, Timothy has kept a close eye on me. He is the best brother I could ever have. He has helped me through some rough spots in my life, and so has his best friend. Just like the time when someone new came moving into our that was interesting.





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