Love story. Harry styles. Girl heart boy

Sarah 18 years old. Meets Harry styles from her favourite band and guess what happens. They fall in love and it's like they are right for each other because there are sparks and fireworks going off when they kiss. Will this be a love story between the two or will it end in them breaking up? Read and find out.


1. Falling in love

Hi I'm Sarah. I'm 18 and I work at Starbucks. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My favourite band is one direction. I'm absolutely in love with them especially Harry. So I'll start on with my story.

"Sarah get down here. Your going to be late for work." Mum calls up to me.
"Coming Mum." I say grabbing my purse and iPhone and heading downstairs.
"You ready Hun?" Mum asks
"Yes mum. Lets go." I say heading out to the car. I jump in the passengers seat and buckle myself in. Mum gets in the drivers side and starts up the car. I put my headphones in and listen to moments by one direction.
As soon as we get to Starbucks I get out of the car.
"Bye Sarah. Have a good day." Mum says before driving away.
I head into the cafe and clock in then grab my apron.
"Hi welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?" I ask the guy that looks very familiar.
"yeah hi. Can I get a cappachino please?" Says a British voice.
"Comin up. Name?" I ask without looking up.
"Harry." He says
"Are you by any chance Harry styles?" I ask
"Yes but please don't scream. I've had a very rough day today." Harry says
"Don't worry haz. I won't." I say before I realize that I've said his nickname.
"Wait so your a directioner?" Harry asks
"Yea." I say nervously. "We'll here's your cappachino."
"Thanks. Hey here is my number. Call me when you get off work" Harry says
"Sure thing." So for the next few hours that I was at work all I could think about was Harry and why he gave me his number. So at the end of my shift I called him.
"Hello?" Harry says when he picks up.
"Hey Harry. It's Sarah from Starbucks." I say
"Oh hey. Do you want me to come pick you up?" He asks
"sure if its no trouble." I say
"None at all . I'll be there soon." Haz says
"okay Harry." I say then hang up.
So while I wait for Harry I go onto twitter and click the new tweet button.
"Just met one of my idols at my job. Happy but didn't want to fangirl so I was calm."
When I was done I heard a car pull up. I notice that its Harry.
"Hey love." He says walking up to me.
"Hey Harry." I say getting up and logging off of twitter.
"You ready?" He asks
" yea lets go." I say
"So tell me about yourself." He says
"We'll I'm 18. I go to community college and I live on my own. I have four younger brothers and my dad died when I was 16." I say
"Oh. I'm sorry." He says
"It's okay. I miss him but nothing's going to bring him back." I say.
"Okay we are here." He says stopping the car and getting out.
"Where are we?" I ask
"My flat. I figured you would want to meet the boys." He says
"Sure." I say heading up the stairs of his flat."
"Hey boys I have someone for you to meet." Harry say unlocking the door.
"Who?" Louis says who comes running down the stairs. "Whoa hey there babe."
"Back off mate. You have el." Haz says
"Do you like her?" Lou asks.
"Can I talk to you for a minute Lou?" Harry asks
"Uh sure." He says then the both walk off.
"Who are you?" Niall says coming down the stairs with Liam and zayn behind him.
"I'm Harry's friend."
"Whats your name love?" Liam asks
"Well Sarah how did you meet Harry?" Zayn asks
"Starbucks. She works there." Harry says coming back.
"We'll hi I'm Liam."
"I'm zayn."
"I'm Louis."
"I'm Niall."
"I'm Harry."
"And we're one direction."
So for the next few hours we just hang out and get to know each other.
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