The Life As One Direction

The boys are now apart of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. But will drama tear them apart? Will Trisha and Louis stay strong like they did before? Will Harry lose Darcy and Ally after all? Read to find out what happens to the band, and to the best friends ever, Ally and Trisha.


18. Next Stop, Home.

Liam's POV It's been three days since the big fight and I told Zayn and Louis that we should cancel the rest of the tour, they pretty much agreed. So now I am going to talk to Niall and see what he thinks. Everyone agrees that Harry has changed since the whole Ally and him breaking up think. I don't want her to think its her fault, because its not. This is all him. Him running off with Trisha, having sex with her, using Alyssa. Everything is messing up with us. We've all been friends forever and since we've became a band, it's gotten to Harry's head. He thinks because he's famous, he can do anything and it's okay.  "Hey mate." Niall said, coming into my hotel room. "Hey Niall, I have to talk to you about something."  "Okay man." "I think we need to cancel the rest of the tour. Harry is changing and we can all see it, we just need time for him and Louis to not kill each other." I said.  "I totally agree Liam. Have you talked to management?" He asked. "Yeah, and I done an interview earlier by myself since it was my idea. The whole world should know by now." "When are we leaving America?" He asked.  "Anytime you want. We don't have anything to do, it's like vacation until everyone can get along. Me and Katie are going back tonight, we need to get her to a baby doctor at home." I said, smiling at the thought of me having a child.  "Ally and I will come too. Have you talk to Louis?" "Yeah, him and Alyssa are coming back tonight too. Zayn is staying another night here, he likes the city." "Well I will go tell Ally and we will pack. See you tonight mate!" He said, walking back up to his room. "Bye Niall." Niall's POV I totally agree with Liam, Harry is changing and he's putting the band in danger. Our first American tour and we already canceled it. Maybe we should look for a new member, or we can wait until all the tension slows down. "Babe!" I yelled, walking into the hotel room. "Yeah?!" She yelled from the bathroom.  "Pack your bags, we're going home!" "Really?! I've missed home!" She said, running up to me and hugging me. "Ally, where's Darcy?" I asked. She looked hesitant when I asked. "Uh, with Harry."  "What?! You let her go with him?!" I yelled. "She missed her daddy!" She yelled back. I calmed down realizing she isn't my kid, so I just went to pack. Harry hasn't even made an effort the last three days to see Darcy and now he has her. Maybe Trisha isn't with him, which I hope she isn't. She needs to be a mother to her own kids, not Ally and Harry's.   "Babe, are you mad at me?" She asked, with a few tears in her eyes.  I sighed. "No babe, she's his kid too. She deserves to see her dad. But is she coming home with us tonight?" "Yeah! I'm not stupid enough to leave her here with him. If he wants to see her, he can come home." She said, I kissed her forehead. "I love you Ally and I will never hurt you again. You mean the world to me." She started blushing and I chuckled.  "I love you too Nialler." She said, and then kissed me on the lips. "Let's pack babe."  "Okay." She said, and smiled. Harry's POV I was taking Darcy back to Ally. I felt bad for not seeing her for three days. I've spent mostly all my time with Trisha. I didn't know I could fall in love so fast. Especially with my first love's best friend. It's not weird, it's just... New I guess. I knocked on Niall and Ally's hotel room door. Niall opened it and let me in. I see bags packed, are they leaving? "Hey guys, what's going on?" I asked. "Liam decided we should cancel the rest of the tour. There is too much tension in the band and we can't perform with this much tension. Ally, Darcy and I are flying back home tonight." Niall said. They are taking Darcy too. "You can't take Darcy." I said. "Oh, but I can. I'm her mother." All said, walking out of the kitchen area. "And I'm her father!" I yelled. "Atleast I'm here for her everyday, unlike you who was with my 'best friend' Harry, leave." Ally yelled back. Niall's POV Darcy ran up to me and whispered "Mommy and Daddy fight." She started to cry. I heard Ally telling Harry to leave and he wouldn't. He just kept yelling. "I'm her father, you're taking her away!"  "Harry! We are going home, you can see her anytime you want. She's just not staying with you and Trisha here in America. Please leave, please."  "Harry, you do need to leave." I said, as calm as I possibly could. "Fine!" He yelled, walked out and slammed the door. Darcy started to cry even more. "What's wrong sweetheart?" Ally asked. "Mommy, Daddy, fight." Ally had a worried look in her eyes. I picked Darcy up once again and we hugged Ally. "This is so much stress on me." She whispered. Harry was making her life a living hell on purpose because she was happy without him. I'm not letting him get away with this. Louis' POV We were meeting Liam, Katie, Niall, Ally, and Darcy at the airport. Alyssa was glad to be going back to England. She is still upset about the whole Harry thing, but I've been here for her. We have the twins because Trisha can't control her drinking and when we get home, I'm getting full custody of them. When we got there, we seen everyone and decided to board the plane. Alyssa leaned her head on me and said, "Thank you for everything. When we get home, I'll go back to my moms."  "No, you can stay with me and the twins. I don't mind." I said, smiling at her. She loves Tommy and Lottie. And the loved her. "Are you sure?" She asked. I was more than happy, because I'm starting to see why I've always liked her. But now, I like her more than a friend. "I'm positive, love." I said, and kissed her cheek. She smiled and said, "Next stop, home." I just smiled at her and nodded.

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