The Life As One Direction

The boys are now apart of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. But will drama tear them apart? Will Trisha and Louis stay strong like they did before? Will Harry lose Darcy and Ally after all? Read to find out what happens to the band, and to the best friends ever, Ally and Trisha.


1. First Concert.

One Direction everyone!

"We're like Na Na Na, then were like yeah, yeah, yeah. Always like Na Na Na, then were like yeah, yeah, yeah."

They sing as the crowd went wild. Who know that just a months ago, these boys were on the X-Factor. Now they are the biggest boy band in the world. You could hear all the screams from the girls in the crowd. This is their first tour and its a sold out one, the boys are doing great so far...

Ally's POV

I sit the the crowd with Darcy, she is now a year old and is watching both of the guys she looks up to, perform on stage in front of thousands of people. Niall keeps looking at us, and winking at me. Harry can't keep his eyes off of Darcy, he really misses her. He calls me everynight so that he can talk to her. I know you're asking yourself 'calling you everynight? But you're at his comcert.' They have a concert here where we live, and we came to see them perform. I try to see them as much as I can. They are here for a week, so I'm spending the week with Niall, while Harry spends the week with Darcy. I just hope he doesn't bring home whores to see her, Darcy doesn't need to be around that. And I need to talk to Harry to make sure he understands that. We sat there and cheered a long with the crowd, we had fun! You're probably asking "Who's we?" Yeah, thats right, Trisha and Katie are here too. Katie and Liam are still together and going strong. Louis and Trisha have had their fights, nothing big. They are just both so stubborn and hard headed, the rest of us laugh when they argue because its over stupid reasons. They both love each other so much though, that minutes later, they are kissing and making up.

"Ally. Ally!" Trisha yelled.

"What?" I asked.

"The concert is over, lets go see our boys!" She said, jumping up and down with excitement.

We walked back stage with the kids and Katie. I looked for both Niall and Harry. Niall, because I wanted to hug and kiss him. Harry, because he wanted to see Darcy and I had to talk to him about the week of him keeping Darcy. He needed to know not to bring home whores everynight while she was with him. She needed to spend time with her daddy, and only her daddy. If he had a committed girlfriend, then that would be a totally different story, but he is single and everyone knows about him. He just became famous and already gave him the nickname, 'Harry, the flirt.' Is that just lovely.

"Hey babe." Niall greeted me as soon as he saw me. I just smiled.

"Hey!" Darcy was wiggling trying to get out of my arms, I didn't want her to run off, but I soon figured out why she was wiggling so much. She seen Harry walking towards us.

"Babe, I need to give Darcy to Harry and talk to him, then me and you can leave. Okay?" I asked him, hoping he wouldn't be upset that I needed to talk to Harry.

"That's fine, babe. I'll be talking with Zayn." He said, and kissed me.

I walked over to Harry and told him that I needed to speak with him before he took Darcy for the week.

"What's up, Ally?" He asked, looking concerned.

"Oh, it's nothing bad. You don't have to look concerned." I said, smiling. He finally smiled, and picked up Darcy, kissing her forehead.

"Daddy!" Darcy yelled, she was so happy to see him.

"Hey baby girl, are you being good for mommy?" Harry asked her, she nodded her head.

"Okay Harry, this is important. Can you please do one thing for me while you have Darcy, this is the only thing I ask." He nodded, telling me to continue.

"I don't want you bringing home different girls while she is with you. No whores. If you have a committed girlfriend, that would be different. But yo-"

"I do have a girlfriend, her name is Alyssa." He interrupted me.

"What? And you didn't tell me?" I was getting furious, but why was I? I definitely wasn't jealous, maybe it's the fact that he didn't tell me.

"I was waiting to tell you tonight, plus she is here and is looking forward to meet you and Darcy." He said, smiling.

"She wants to meet me?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think that you and Niall, should come out to eat with us tonight, is that okay?" He asked, smiling.

"Yeah, it's fine with me. And I'm sure it will be okay with Niall, since it is food we are talking about here." He laughed.

"So where is she?" I asked.

"She is in my dressing room. I'll go get her, go get Niall and we will all just ride together in the limo, the other boys are having Paul take them to Louis and Trisha's flat."

"Okay, see you out back." I said, he got up and hugged me, then went to go get Alyssa, with Darcy in his arms.

I walked over to Niall, who was talking with Zayn. "Hey babe. Me and you are going to eat with Harry and his new girlfriend Alyssa. Darcy is coming too, that is if you want to go." I asked him.

"Uh, you said eat right?" Niall asked.

"Yeah?" I questioned.

"Then, hell yeah! I wouldn't turn down food." I just laughed at his answer. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I love you, Ally."

"I love you too, Niall." I then kissed his cheek. "Come on, we have to meet them out back." I said, dragging him behind me.

I hope this isn't an awkward dinner, I need to get along with his new girlfriend since she will be around Darcy for a while. Or atleast I hope she will. I really can't have Harry bringing a bunch of different women around our daughter, that's just not healthy for her to be around. I walked out the back doors and there stood and very familiar looking girl beside Harry, laughing with Darcy. Then she turned and looked at me, I knew exactly who she was. It's been so long since I seen her and she is atleast four years younger than Harry, but I have to admit, Harry chose a good girl. A perfect girl to be a step mother to my child. A girl that I could get a long with. This girl was like my little sister, who I haven't seen in years. We both looked at each other and immediately ran to each other, with open arms. I've missed my little sister to bits.

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