The Life As One Direction

The boys are now apart of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. But will drama tear them apart? Will Trisha and Louis stay strong like they did before? Will Harry lose Darcy and Ally after all? Read to find out what happens to the band, and to the best friends ever, Ally and Trisha.


14. Briley.

Zayn's POV

"So, Zayn. Why was you on your way over here when I called? You only come over unexpected when something bad has happened or you want to talk." Liam asked. By now everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to answer.

"Uh, it's not... Important anymore. We're a band again!" I said, smiling. I tried changing the subject, but Liam wouldn't believe me.

"C'mon man, you can tell us. We're all your best friends here."

"Okay, it's Hayley. I caught her cheating on me with someone from her old school. She said she used to date him?" Ally looked at me. 

"What does he look like?"

"Uh, brown hair. Kind of tall, big nose." I chuckled to myself at that.

"Briley." Ally whispered to herself. I looked at her. "Zayn, let's go into the kitchen and talk. I need to feel you in on mr Briley. Known as the guy I had a huge problem with in school." Niall tensed up when she said that.

 "Babe, I'll tell you everything later. Or you know what, come in there with us." She said to Niall. Woah, this is about to get deep.

"Alyssa, do you mind keeping an eye on Darcy?" Ally asked, Alyssa.

"I'd be glad too. We all will." She said. And we all three walked into the kitchen, prepared for a deep conversation.

Ally's POV

How could she does this?! She told me personally that she would never hurt Zayn. And then Briley comes along? She will be getting an ear full later on from me. 

"Ally, what happened in high school with him?" Niall asked, concerned. I felt the tears coming, but I forced them back. I had to be strong about this, none of the boys know about this because I thought I'd never see him again in my life.

"He... He bullied me in school." I paused. I sat on the counter while they stood in front of me, waiting for me to continue. "He called me ugly, and fat in high school. But who could blame him, I was a little on the chubby side. That's why I was so insecure when you all met me. I starved myself, I was pretty skinny then." I stopped, because I couldn't stop the tears now. "But that's not the worst part. When him and Hayley started dating, it only got worse... No one knows about this, but he actually physically attacked me. It was just words that hurt, but he actually attacked me. He's a woman beater. He beat Hayley and all his girlfriends before that. I don't know why he beat me, I guess I was an easy target." I was full blown crying my eyes out at this point. "And that's why I'm going to beat her ass when I see her." 

"Ally, you're beautiful. Why did you never tell me?" Niall asked. 

"It was never important and I thought I'd never see him again. But I guess he's back in town" I said, hopping off the counter to hug Niall.

"Ally, I will beat his ass if he comes near you." Zayn said. I looked at him wide eyed. 'you, the quiet one?' I thought to myself.

I just smiled and hugged Zayn. "Thanks Zayn. I miss you as a best friend. Come over some time, we all need some time together." I said, smiling. 

"I will, hey Niall. I'm staying over tonight. Hayley is at the house packing her bags." 

"Is Briley there?" Niall asked.

"Niall, no. You're not going to start anything. I don't want to see him." I said, backing away.

"Ally, I'm going to ask him why he is such a sick guy and used to pick on my beautiful girlfriend. And Zayn is going too. Come on." Niall said, dragging me out of the kitchen. 

"Okay, I'll let Harry take Darcy. Hold on." I said, walking into Liam's living room. 

"Hey Harry. Do you want to take Darcy for a little bit? We have to go over to Zayn's for a bit. And I know you want to see Darcy." His face lit up.

"Yeah, thank you Ally." He said, hugging me.

"You're welcome. We will be back in a little bit guys! See ya." I said, waving at everyone.

Me, Niall and Zayn hopped in Niall's car and headed towards Zayn's house. I started shaking and getting nervous. 

"Babe, he isn't going to hurt you." Niall said.

"You don't know that Niall, he is a messed up person. He needs help." I said, looking down.

"Ally, me and Niall are going to be there, he won't touch you." Zayn said.

"Lets hope not." I said.

When we pulled up to Zayn's flat, I seen two cars there. Hayley's and I guess the other was Briley's. Time for the show to start. I suddenly became confident and stomped into Zayn's flat.

"What the fuck, Hayley?! You promised me you would never hurt Zayn!" I yelled at her. She was surprised to see me. "And with him?! Really! You know what he did to me in high school."

"I know Ally, but I love him." She said.

"Hayley! He called me fat. He called me ugly! He even hit me! He hit you." I was now furious. Niall and Zayn were behind me at this point. Niall was rubbing my back.

"Ally, I told you not to tell anyone I hurt you physically." Briley said, in a calm yet scary voice.

"Why not?! It's not like you're going to do anything now! It's been years, Briley. I have people who actually care about me now. I'm not hated anymore. I had very few friends in high school because of you! Hayley stood by me, then all of a sudden you took her away too!" I yelled at him.

He started to come at me. "Listen dude, you need to step back. This isn't high school anymore, I can easily snap your neck in two seconds." Zayn yelled.

"Yeah, what kind of sick person can sit there and tell a girl she is fat or ugly, or even hit her! She is beautiful, and you're just a fucked up guy!" Niall yelled. But none of that stopped Briley. I knew the worst was coming. I looked at Hayley and all of a sudden I'm being pushed back. I look up to see Zayn on top of Briley.

"Now, go near Ally and you will wish you were dead. Get out of my flat and don't come back." He yelled at Briley.

"That goes for you too Hayley, you're no friend to me. I forgave you then, but now I'm much stronger. Get your shit and go. Zayn doesn't want a whore, he wants a classy girl. Bye. Never talk to me again." I said, calmly.


"Save it for Briley, bitch. Come on boys." I said, walking out the door. I never thought I could be that strong, but I guess I am. It's all because of Niall and the boys, Katie, Alyssa, and Darcy. 

"Zayn?" I asked.


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I mean I have you and the boys, I knew it would never work with her, but anytime you get cheated on it hurts. I'll be fine, I'll hit the clubs." He said, winking. 

"No, Zayn. I have a friend, she's a great girl. And she would never cheat on you. Plus, she even likes One Direction. You're her favorite." I said, smiling.

"Hook me up." I just smiled.

Niall looked at me and smiled, "What?" I asked.

"You match maker." He said and winked. "I love you so much, Ally." 

"I love you too, Nialler."

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