The Life As One Direction

The boys are now apart of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. But will drama tear them apart? Will Trisha and Louis stay strong like they did before? Will Harry lose Darcy and Ally after all? Read to find out what happens to the band, and to the best friends ever, Ally and Trisha.


15. America, here we come... Again!

Niall's POV

I can't believe that Briley actually went after Ally with me and Zayn standing there, protecting her. He really is a messed up guy, Ally wasn't kidding.

"Babe, you okay?" I asked her. She was crying.

"Yeah, but what would have happened if he seen me out, and you or Zayn wasn't with me. I could be seriously hurt, this baby could be seriously hurt." She couldn't hold in her tears, we were almost back to Liam's flat and she was just tore up. I hated seeing her like this.

"That is never going to happen, because you aren't leaving the house alone. Me or one of the other boys with go with you. Briley isn't going to hurt you." I reassured her, pulling into the drive way. Zayn had just gotten out of the car, while me and Ally stayed behind to talk. "Ally, listen to me." She looked at me through her tear filled eyes. "He isn't going to touch you. I bet him and Hayley are on the road right now, going far away." She smiled at me, I smiled back. "C'mon, lets go inside and see everyone." I took her hand, and walked inside.

"Mommy!" Darcy said, running up to Ally. "Mommy, whats wrong? You been crying?" Darcy asked her. Everyone looked at Ally, and then at me.

"I'm okay baby girl, I think its time for you nap." Ally said to Darcy.

Darcy yawned and said, "But I'm not tired."

Ally smiled and said, "C'mon baby." And picked her up. "Liam, is it okay if she naps in your room?" Ally asked.

"Sure, that's fine." He smiled.

"Thanks Li." She said, then headed upstairs.

"So Niall, why was she crying?" Harry asked.

"Okay, I'll have to tell you all really quick before she gets back down. When we went to Zayn's, Hayley was there with her new boyfriend. That boyfriend used to pick on Ally in high school. He called her fat and ugly, causing her to starve herself." I paused, letting them have time to grasp what I'm saying. "And he also-"

"Hit me." Ally said, coming back into the living room. She gave me a reassuring smile, so I let her finish. "He had everyone turned against me, because I was a little on the chubby side. I starved myself as Niall had already sad. When you guys met me, I was skinny, because of starving myself. Hayley was the only person who stood by me through all this, of course I had Trisha, but she wasn't in school. But then he comes along, and steals her away too. He started dating her after all the picking he did. But little did she know, he actually hit me after they started dating. I have no idea why he chose me as the target, but I was so broken that I didn't care anymore, I wanted to die." I paused and started crying again. I didn't tell Niall or Zayn this part. "I would go to Trisha's house every night because she was worried about me. I tried taking pills one night, and she found me. Every since then, I had to stay with her. She was really worried about me, and after I lost all the weight I wanted to, I was better. I didn't go back to high school. I finished all my classes online and graduated early. I never saw Briley again until.... Today. He came after me and if Zayn and Niall wasn't there, I could have been seriously hurt." I started crying even harder into Niall's shirt.

"So guys, if Ally wants to go out, one of us will have to go with her. She can't be out alone, not with him in town." Niall told everyone. They all nodded their heads and then there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." Liam said, standing up.


Liam's POV

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked. It was Trish, she was back.

"Nice to see you too, Li. Louis here, we need to talk." She said, in a bitchy tone.

"Uh," I had no idea what to say.

"Move it, daddy. I need to talk to my man." She said, pushing passed me.

"Bitch." I mumbled under my breath. I followed right behind her into the living room. Ally ran upstairs to close my door, so we don't wake Darcy. There is going to be a lot of yelling now.

'What the hell is she doing here?" Louis asked me.

"Look, I didn't know what to say. I didn't let her in, she pushed passed me." I told him.

"Yeah, Lou. We need to talk."

"Kitchen, now." Louis said, quite hatefully to Trish. She just smiled.

"Babe, I'll be back." Louis said, kissing Alyssa. Trisha's facial expression was priceless. Louis pushed passed her and walked into the kitchen, she just followed behind.


Louis' POV

"So, what are you doing here?" I asked in a hateful tone.

"I came back to apologize. I'm out of rehab, now I can see the twins and we can be together again." She said, smiling at me, trying to hug me.

"Woah, woah, woah. No. I'm with Alyssa now and I'm really happy." She stepped back.

"You already moved on?" She asked.

"Well, I'm not going to be with a cheater."

"Why not, Ally's with Niall." She said, a little too loudly. I heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen, this can't be good.

"I'm not a cheater, I made one mistake." Niall said, walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah, so? I did too." She replied, really bitchy actually.

"Did they happen to teach manners at rehab, because you have none. I'm not taking you back. You cheated on me with Harry more than once. Harry made ONE mistake, you made.. Well I don't even want to know. Please leave Trisha, Darcy is napping." I said, calmly.


"Trisha, stop yelling." Niall said.

"Ally, stop yelling and leave." Liam said, coming into the kitchen, then leaving.

"Fine, but this is not the end of me." She said, leaving.

We all sat in the living room as Ally came down the stair holding a very cranky Darcy.

"Oh no, Ally. I'm so sorry!" I apologized to her.

She smiled and said, "It's not your fault, Louis. When are you all planning to tour America again, we need to get out of here before she tries this again." I thought about it,

"Liam?" I asked.

"I'll talk to management, lets give them a call." Liam said. He dialed the number and talked to them. He walked into the kitchen.

"Ally, I really am sorry. I didn't think she would yell that loud."

"Louis, its okay. She really isn't that cranky." She said, with a reassuring smile. After we all had a little conversation, Liam came out.

"Pack your bags boys, were going to America!" Liam said, and we all jumped up and down. Finally were going back on tour, I've missed it. We all had a big group hug.

"When are we leaving?" Niall asked.

"Two days." Liam said.

We all started to leave so we can pack, I'm glad the girls and kids are coming with us. They all give us inspiration and we can get away with Trisha even knowing. America, here we come... Again!

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