Ever spent so much time trying to figure out what you didn't have that you missed what you did?


1. Ashes

There was once was a man.
He was nobody special.

Over time, he rose up through many struggles.
Defeated enemies along the way.
Many demons - some not even his.

One day he stopped and looked around.
He stood on top of the world.
And it was at his feet.
He was happy - the world was happy.

Shortly after, someone came.
Came and took everything from him.

And he fell to the ashes that surrounded him.
Fell to his knees.

He suddenly looked up.
He saw that he was not holding ashes in his hand but sand that mixed with his tears
could be used for building.

And that moment in time he realised
perhaps the world was only at his feet just then.

But no matter how he looked at that sand,
he longed for those ashes.
To go sifting through to see if that phoenix
would rise through them.

Then one day, he looked closer at the sand
and he saw it was actually a mix of ash and sand.
All the time he'd wasted in those ashes.

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